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Entrepreneurship’s Return to Innocence

Since we’re dedicated to just publishing valuable information people who identify as entrepreneurs and those who are in business can actually use, it may at times seem as if the information is rather impersonal and too formal. Rest-assured though that a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes just to put together a mere 300 odd words and ... Read More »

The Evolution of the Internet and Websites

It’s perhaps even more so for entrepreneurs and those people involved in business, but what on earth is better than the internet? I mean you can a lot of valuable information online (if you know where and how to search for information), you can market and advertise your business in a very effective and cheap way, you can stay in ... Read More »

2 Ways to Combat Sexism in Your Work Environment

Women know all too well the realities that the work environment puts onto their particular sex. It doesn’t matter how smart, talented or capable you are, if you’re a women in the workplace, you’re automatically pigeonholed into a certain kind of work or you’re only allowed to rise to certain levels of authority and power. Read More »

Raising the Value of your Investment Property

Renovating homes for resale is no longer a playground for just the boys.  The numbers of women looking for opportunities to invest in renovation and resale is growing rapidly.  How do you enter into this income investment field, and how do you pull the most out of your investment? Read More »

Keeping Your Domain Registration Options Open

There are a lot of considerations for companies and individuals to make when they get started with a domain registration. But once you know the name that you want, much of the remaining work has to do with choosing a good hosting partner and ensuring that you purchase a plan that you need. Read More »

How To Create A Motivational Atmosphere In Your Home Office

When it comes to working from home you need to have a lot of drive, focus, and motivation. Those things don’t always come naturally for everyone, so you need to make sure that your work space, and atmosphere, are conducive to such vibes. Being organized is one great way to ensure that you have a workspace where you can actually ... Read More »

3 Inspiring Serial Entrepreneurs

If you think about it, serial entrepreneurs are perhaps some of the bravest people in the world, as they often give up normal salaries, work schedules and family lives to pursue their ideas. At first, it seems that successful businesspeople must possess some sort of special trait or knowledge that the rest of us lack, but this isn’t the case. Here, ... Read More »

Minimising Your Bank Fees

Whether it’s in relation to your personal bank account or that of your business, bank fees can make a world of difference to the overall health and shape of your finances. I mean if in addition to the interest they charge on the money they lend to people banks thrive on the bank charges they charge people, this should automatically ... Read More »