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How to modernise your customer service methods

Customer service must keep pace with the changing times to be effective and just as businesses are increasingly using social media for marketing purposes, so they also have to be mindful of making sure their customer service methods are meeting customer needs. Here are some tips on how to ensure it is as good as it possibly can be. Read More »

New Mortgage = New Life

New beginnings are sought after by most people and if you are one of them, a new home can match the whole experience. Life transition will be complements by purchasing a new home. It could be from getting married, finding a new job or even retiring. These days mortgage is super tight and there are some things that you want ... Read More »

How Video Trends Have Increased the Need for Businesses to Upgrade Their Internet Bandwidth

When you think about the fact that companies like Microsoft are actually encouraging their employees to stream video at work, it’s no surprise that more and more companies have to upgrade their internet bandwidth in order to keep their networks running at a comfortable speed. It’s tough to run an office at all with low bandwidth, whether or not employees ... Read More »

Credit Card Fraud – Ways Businesses Can Avoid Them

The Commerce Department has released figures that indicate increased retail sales (1.1%) in the month of February 2013 totaling $421.4 billion. This has been the highest rise since the month of September 2012. This directly means that there has been an increase in credit card transactions and an increased risk of credit card frauds and unfair practices.   Recent reports ... Read More »

What Do You Have To Do To Become A Contractor?

Students as well as others who want to become contractors and build their own businesses should first find out how they can become a contractor. It is a goal that anyone can achieve, though it takes some time and experience. However, a career as a contractor can be a lucrative one. The steps involved in becoming a contractor, right from ... Read More »