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Supercharge Your Office Productivity With These Practical Ideas

Sometimes at work we have good days and bad days. Our productivity is never at 100% all the time. While that is an accepted part of human nature, lost productivity can often have a significant impact on business revenue.

After all; if things don’t get done, or as well as they should, customers can start to get unhappy. Are you finding that your workers aren’t doing their best when they work each day? Today I will share with you some secrets on how you can increase your office productivity!


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Dress down for charity

Each month you could ask your workers to take part in a “dress down for charity” day. In a nutshell, employees would make a donation to a chosen charity to wear non-business attire for the day.

You could choose a different charity each month, or perhaps one that your firm publicly supports. It’s a fun way of raising awareness for a good cause. And it drives home the fact that work can sometimes have a less-formal side.

Make sure your staff know what they’re doing

When you hire someone to work for you, one of the distinct needs of the job is that they need to know what they’re doing! Teaching someone “on the job” is one thing. But, there are occasions where formal training is required.

Companies like Spearhead Training can help you organize training programs for your staff. That way, you can be sure your workers have the right skills to complete their work. And you don’t have to worry about lost productivity.

Get employees to spend time in other departments

Sometimes workers feel like their work doesn’t contribute anything significant to their employers. Others may not understand how the company operates. If your staff feel disillusioned, it could be because they don’t know what other people do in the business.

For instance, they might get frustrated that a particular department always holds their work up. When you have new employees at your firm, get them to spend some time seeing how other departments operate. It will help them to understand what other people do.

Encourage feedback and suggestions

We could all suggest ways to improve things at the places we work. But, all too often, feedback isn’t encouraged. That in itself is a form of de-motivation and promotes lower productivity.

Why? If we aren’t encouraged to suggest ways to make processes better, we feel that our employers don’t care. Make sure you abolish this negative feeling and encourage your employees to come up with good ideas. Not only does it help to motivate people, it can also decrease staff turnover too!

Have weekly one-to-one meetings

Some people see meetings as a waste of time. But did you know they are useful tools to learn about stuff that could affect an individual’s productivity? Every Monday, consider having quick meetings with each employee individually.

Run through any issues that your workers are concerned with so that you can help to address them. Often, you will learn of problems that you might not have otherwise known about!


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