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5 Foolproof Ways to Market Your Business in 2014

The best way to market a business is a matter of opinion, and things change all the time. Something that worked last year may not work this year, and something that was overlooked last year may be the one thing to catapult you to success this year. This is why we always need to be ahead of the marketing trends; so we can be sure we’re marketing our business in the best, most effective way possible. The following advice will give you 5 foolproof ways you can market your business this year:


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1. Build Social Media Profiles

Social media is used by millions of people each day, so it would be silly for a business not to utilise this and use it to their advantage. The majority of businesses have social media profiles now, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. The key is to be consistent, so you need to make sure that you have plenty of time to update the social network you choose to use. If you think you’ll only have time for one, think about where you’re most likely to find your target audience and go from there. Remember to always update your social networks with interesting, shareable stuff, and to build relationships with your clients on there. Don’t just use it as a place to plug and sell your products!

2. Write Quality, Relevant, Helpful Content

Content marketing is huge. Quality content is more important now than ever, so you need to make sure that the content you’re writing is high quality, relevant, and helpful. You can even make it humorous if you like, whatever matches your brand personality. Just be sure that the things you write are unique – you could get into a lot of trouble for plagiarism. The better your content, the more chance visitors will share it and keep coming back to read more.

3. Build a Great Website

You can’t have a subpar site if you want to make a lasting impression and get plenty of clients. Make sure your site looks professional and is easy to use for any visitor. It should be simple to find any information, and you should make it easy for them to become a conversions (e.g., buy from you or enter their email address to subscribe to your newsletters). If you plan on selling things via your site, you’ll need to build an e-commerce site. Take a look at different portfolios to get a good idea of what you want your site to look like, including this Naples e-commerce website.

4. Network

Networking is the key to any businesses success! You can use social networking sites like LinkedIn for this, but you can also attend trade shows and conferences. Hand out business cards/flyers and chat to people about what you do. Take an interest in other businesses, and you could find yourself with some new clients/business partners!

5. Host Competitions

Everybody loves a freebie, so if you can host a competition on your website and social media you should get a lot more attention and brand awareness. For example, you could give away one of your products when you hit a certain amount of likes or shares. It’s up to you how you do this, but it’s worth reading a social network’s terms of use and taking your legal obligations into account before you do so.

Good luck!



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