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A Guide to Organising a Successful Conference

If you’ve been given the job of organising a conference, then you’ll have plenty of things to think about. In fact, you’re probably worrying about all of the different things you need to arrange and book, aren’t you? Well, worry no more, because we’ve got organising a successful conference covered! Let’s get started:


Work Out Your Goals

What do you hope to achieve with this conference? Make sure your goals are clearly defined so that the rest of your decisions can be shaped to suit. Knowing exactly what you’d like to convey and to who, can help you to move forward while easing any stresses you may have. This is essential, so make sure you do this properly in order to shape the rest of your conference.

Sort Out Your Budget

You simply can’t plan what you’re going to do unless you know exactly how much money you have to spend. You’ll need to allocate smaller amounts to things like the venue, materials, and speaker’s fees. Edinburgh conference facilities are reasonably priced and perfect for a big meeting or conference, so you could start there. When looking for your location, bear in mind the amount of people due to attend, parking facilities, and nearby hotels to make it very easy for visitors to attend.

Create a Menu

Many people won’t know the area of the conference, so it’s your job to make sure that everybody is well fed throughout. You may need to find a suitable catering service, or perhaps see if the venue caters for big conferences.

Get the Venue Staff’s Help

If you’ve booked a venue with plenty of staff, remember that they do this kind of thing everyday. You can ask them for help and advice when you need it, and they should be happy to give it to you!

Do a Walk Through

After you’ve organised the majority of things to do with the conference, don’t leave the rest to chance by walking in with the rest of the visitors on the day. You’ll need to do a walk through so that you can make sure everything is in place and that you don’t need to make any changes beforehand. Many people skip this step and are dismayed to find that some things aren’t as they should be.

Extra Tips for a Successful Conference:

  • Check with the speakers in advance to see if they’ll need any equipment to help them with their talk, such as big screens, computers, podiums, etc.

  • Find out if anybody has special dietary requirements before preparing the menu.

  • Ask about the price of food, water, and anything else that the venue sells to get an idea of the entire price of the venue and whether it’ll be suitable.

If you have the drive and determination to succeed, you can organise a successful conference by following the advice in this post. Good luck, and please don’t hesitate to let us know how it went in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!


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