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Appropriate Attire For Serious Occasions

Most of us know that we should wear a cocktail dress to a cocktail party, or a costume to a costume party.  For those more serious occasions, however, some people may struggle to choose the right ensemble.


While these rules weren’t written in stone by some ancient fashion prophet, they are generally standard.  Follow these fashion tips for the more serious occasions in life, and never get caught in an awkward fashion moment again.


We’ve probably all seen the grieving widow in the movies in the funeral scenes wearing all black with a black veil over her face.  Traditionally black is worn at funerals as a color symbolizing death, sadness, and mourning.  

However one can get away with combining black with a dark colored item as well.  Perhaps a dark gray blazer, or a plum blouse with black slacks.  

As long as the hues are not fluorescent yellow or pink polka dots, you are likely to not offend anyone who expects you to be mourning.  

Court Hearing

A courtroom is one of those places that you want to look as generic and business-like as possible.  There should be very little flair or style – particularly if you are attempting to win a settlement.  You want to dress the part of a modesty and innocence rather than anything edgy or provocative.

A classic tailored pantsuit with a heel is always a chic, professional courtroom ensemble that you don’t feel like a total fish out of water in if you have to go somewhere else following the hearing.

A pantsuit, although they are pants, can still feel very feminine. Wear with a slicked back low hair bun and a neutral pink lipstick.

Job Interview

Much like a courtroom, a job interview is best dressed for in neutral dark tones. It’s best to wear a blazer, flats, and a shirt tucked in.  Makeup should be toned down, daring eyeliner or sparkling eyeshadow is not ideal.

If you have glasses, perhaps consider wearing them, as they have a professional stigma attached to them.  Nails should be groomed and if painted, a classic color such as a dark burgundy, or red.  


In the old days, it was preached not to wear black or red to a wedding.  However, in this modern age red and black are generally suitable colors to wear.  Weddings are an occasion to dress in celebratory patterns and bright colors if you like.

Feel free to dress elegantly, however, it is considered faux pas “upstage” the bride.  Meaning look beautiful, but the bride is traditionally supposed to be the most breathtaking woman at the occasion.

The biggest fashion no-no of all at a wedding is wearing white.  White by tradition is for the bride and the bride only.

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