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Awesome Ways To Break Out A New Product


If you are convinced that you are sitting on a great product, then getting it out to the world should be your next step. But how do you do it when you only have a small budget? Approaching your marketing in a unique way can help. These simple ideas can help you get your product out there and don’t cost much to pull off.

Get your product in a shop

Getting your product in front of the eyes of customers is your primary goal, and one of the best ways to do that is by finding a shop that will help you. Your choice will depend on how many units you have to sell. For smaller amounts, seek out local businesses that are aligned with your business somehow. For example, if you make hand-crafted bowls, then a local kitchenware shop could be ideal. If you have more units to shift, it could be worth contacting a retail merchandising firm. They will help you find the right stores for your products and will even help them get noticed with a fancy display.

Hold a competition

Competitions can be very effective to spread the word about your product. The appeal of a free iPad is going to entice most people, and for a relatively small outlay you could give your product a real foothold in the market. The key to this is to drive people to sign up to your email list. It’s a small thing to ask for in return for a chance to win an iPad, and then you will have a ready-made audience there ready for you to highlight the benefits of your product.

Stickers & Posters

Although you will need to be careful about where you put them, posters and stickers are a superb way of spreading the word about your product. However, don’t just slap your brand name on a poster and have done with it. Try to create an element of intrigue so that people want to find out more. Perhaps you could align it with the story of how you are a local person and have built your product from scratch? It can create interest amongst potential buyers and increase your exposure to your locality very quickly – as long as the message is loud or intriguing enough.

Find an empty shop

The high street is a desolate place in some towns and cities around the U.K., due to a number of factors. But this provides a massive opportunity for small or new businesses. Local councils are often desperate to have these empty shops filled, and will grant short-term licenses a lot more readily these days. So, with this in mind, you should think about renting out an empty store to hold a special event that showcases your product. Bring music, a little bit of food, and make it as memorable as possible. Even if you fail to make a single sale, you can guarantee that people will remember your name.

Remember, you can sit on the finest product the world has ever seen, but without people knowing it exists, it will not succeed. These tactics won’t suit everyone, and take some guts and a little investment to pull off. But they have been used by many up-and-coming companies in the past and are sure to again in the future.

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