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Entrepreneurship’s Return to Innocence

Since we’re dedicated to just publishing valuable information people who identify as entrepreneurs and those who are in business can actually use, it may at times seem as if the information is rather impersonal and too formal. Rest-assured though that a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes just to put together a mere 300 odd words and the aim is to zone in on the most crucial issues which affect the lives of anyone who has anything to do with what can be the very lonely world of business and entrepreneurship at times.


One such information-gathering quest had me following around someone whom I proclaim to be a real entrepreneur, in the true sense of the word. This is where I sort of got the gist of something I’ve been battling with a bit of late, that being the separation of what someone who is in business is from an entrepreneur – a true entrepreneur. The term “businesswoman,” “businessman,” or “businessperson” is often used interchangeably with “entrepreneur” and dare I say we need to stop doing that at once!

Over the few hours during which I shadowed a young man in his early twenties (he shall not be named at this particular point in time), I witnessed entrepreneurship’s return to innocence — well at least from the point of view of someone who’d been using the terms businessperson and entrepreneur interchangeably as well…

The young man told me he only truly feels like the real entrepreneur he is when every other day he lives through is different from any other day he’s had in his life. Sure, he has some daily rituals he goes through, but each of those daily rituals comes nothing close to resembling anything like a boring, repetitive routine which has many people disillusioned with their lives and perhaps their careers. The Genting Casino Promotion Code he was using to get free online betting credits was just one of many of those channels which he refers to as “free capital tools.” What he does is dedicate a good portion of his evenings to sniffing out free or special offers such as deposit-match bonuses on trading, investing and even gambling sites. This then gives him what is perhaps the best opportunity to play various markets which have the potential to bring in huge returns, but since his own out-of-pocket contributions are next to nothing really, this takes care of the medium-risk high returns portion of his daily entrepreneurship rituals.

Things then get interesting. With just a little bit of start-up capital (or sometimes quite a lot, depending on how previous ventures went), this rock star entrepreneur then goes through a long list of ventures he’d been meaning to explore, picks one out (the next one in the ordered list) and spends the rest of the day trying to make it happen!

I could not keep up because at some point I had to go back to my own responsibilities, but I can honestly say that of the little I saw, I witnessed entrepreneurship’s return to innocence.

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