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From Concept To Bestseller: How To Make Your Product Sell Itself

Have you just developed a new product? If so, today is your lucky day! In today’s blog post, I will be describing some secret tips to help you make your product a marketable one, and one that can effectively sell itself!

The thing about companies, organisations and even people that invent some awesome gadgets and time-saving devices, is that they don’t put much thought into how they can make their products attractive to their intended customers. Without further ado, here are my top tips to help you market your new product and make it profitable!+


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Build quality

The one universal factor that makes people buy any product is its build quality. If you have developed a product and you are aiming for a low price point, you will automatically find ways to get it built using cheap materials.

The trouble with such tactics is that consumers will ultimately end up buying from the competition, because they would rather pay a bit extra for products that are durable and reliable.

Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that the products you manufacture are robust; after all, word of mouth spreads like wildfire, so if you make something decent, people will know about it!

Intellectual property protection

Believe it or not, one of the reasons consumers buy one product over the other is if they can identify that the manufacturer of the product has taken the necessary steps to protect their product from being copied by the competition!

Branding is key for all businesses, and for consumers it is a way of identifying that certain products meet their quality and specification requirements over others.

Trademarks are one such way of protecting brands as you can typically trademark your company, brand and product name. As you have developed a product, you should ensure that you take the necessary steps to protect its intellectual property rights.

Specialist trademark attorneys can be found at London IP, alternatively you can do a quick Google search to find a trademark attorney near to you.


Once you have ensured that your product uses the best raw materials for its construction, and you have sorted out your intellectual property protection, the next step is to focus on how you package your new product!

It doesn’t matter whether the product you are selling is an electronic item or a tasty latte, the way that you package your product is just as important as the product itself!

I highly recommend that you do some research into the subject. Firstly, check out what the competition is using. What are the pros and cons of the packaging that they use? How would you improve upon them if you were in charge of redesigning the packaging?

I guess what I am trying to say is that there is no point reinventing the wheel; all you need to do is make it better!

Don’t make your product difficult to set up

Computer manufacturers such as Apple make it easy for their customers to set up their new Macs. All they have to do is unbox the computer, hook up a few leads and turn the computer on. The system then guides them through a quick and simple setup process.

Apple customers don’t need a computer science degree to set up and operate their products, so make sure that you take a leaf out of the Cupertino firm’s book and make your product ready to use out of the box!


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