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Fun and Cheap Activities for Students on a Budget

If you’re registered at an institution of higher learning, your proof of registration or proof of enrolment goes way beyond just providing administrative records for your perusal of an academic course, in the same way that your student card goes beyond just providing some form of identification or acting as an access key. You can use your status as a student to get some great discounted deals and special offers, beyond the usual student discounts like student flights and the like.


Speaking of student flights, that’s where it all begins with regards to exploring some of those cheap activities you can enjoy as a student with a limited budget, since discounted flights take care of one form of transportation you can use to get to your getaway destination. Discounted student flights are for those who seek to retreat to another region of the country or even to another country altogether, but if you want to keep the fun local and perhaps even save more money in this way, reducing your transportation fares should have you looking no further than your weekly bus pass.

As discounted as student bus passes are, students still appear not to be making full use of the savings they amass through their use, which in a sense is perfectly understandable when taking into account the demanding life of a student. You’re sometimes too tired to think beyond using your student bus pass for more than just commuting to and from campus, but if you take the liberty to jump off at some of those stops which aren’t serving your campus or your residence, you’ll discover a whole lot more to explore and enjoy, on a budget too.


Between being completely free to students and just charging them the vastly reduced ‘student price’, museums make for a great way to have some fun on a budget. Some museums are rather inconspicuous and require a trained eye to spot (or you can just Google museums in your area), but visitors almost always come away with a “wow” moment having discovered or learned something new.


A great place to meet people as well, theatres make for somewhat of an underrated consideration by way of budget student entertainment.

Professional Sports Games

Cricket and football spring to mind as the two major options students would go for by way of budget entertainment and it becomes budget entertainment by virtue of the fact that you’re a student, which means you qualify for the vastly reduced student ticket prices. Cricket in particular makes for the perfect all-day affair since you can pack a picnic basket and enjoy the game relaxing on the grass banks.


Some of the best sights to spot are hidden in plain view, particular those which are located in a city you perhaps live in or frequent quite a lot. It can be very easy to overlook some iconic sights and landmarks which tourists coming from far and wide earmark as the highlights of their entire trips when visiting that city you call home. This is another great way to meet new people and explore the soul of your city together.

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