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How To Create A Motivational Atmosphere In Your Home Office

When it comes to working from home you need to have a lot of drive, focus, and motivation. Those things don’t always come naturally for everyone, so you need to make sure that your work space, and atmosphere, are conducive to such vibes. Being organized is one great way to ensure that you have a workspace where you can actually get your work done.


Since working from home leaves you to your own devices, you want to always work on a schedule, but allow yourself time for distractions (which is extremely important for work at home parents). You don’t want your whole day ruined simply because your child has a small disaster and you weren’t prepared for a brief moment away from the computer. Here are some ways to help you stay motivated and focused when working from home.

Deal With Distractions

Get organized and know how to deal with distractions. Some people cannot work when they are surrounded by clutter. If you are one of those people you will want to make sure that your place is all organized and clutter free before you start working. Take a moment and look around the room, sitting where you’d sit for work, and fix what catches your eye that might pull you from work.

Need some house repairs done, like new windows? If the thoughts of needing a new paint job in your home office, or needing the carpet steamed, are going to weigh on your mind as you try to work, get them taken care of. Schedule a contractor, hire a maid, give the kids some chores to keep them busy, just do what you have to do so your mind can be on work during your work hours.

Create A Workspace

If your workspace looks like an office it can help you feel like you are actually in an office, and it can help you get in that work mood you’ll need in order to stay motivated. An office begins with a desk and an office chair. Make sure to have something comfortable, but not too comfortable. A standing desk may even be a good choice for you.

Have an “in and out” box on your desk, get a pencil and pen holder, and make sure that you have space for your computer and any other work you may need to get done. Make sure to have ample lighting as well, which can take some strain off your eyes while you work.

Pick Motivational Colors And Tool

If you really want to stay productive in your home office you want to have a productive color on your walls. It may sound strange, but the colors you surround yourself with every day can actually affect your mood and your motivation. Colors in the shades of blue can be relaxing, while red is an empowering color.

Take some time to do a little research and find out which color will work for you. If your are the studious type you may be motivated by a different color than a more creative type might be.

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