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How to Create a Video Slideshow Presentation for Your Business Project

You have to get a slideshow maker software if your boss always ask you to create presentations for demonstrations at conference meetings. You can’t rely on free slideshow maker to create the slideshows for business uses because it will have limitations.


You should purchase a slideshow maker like Movavi Slideshow Maker that supports all the basic slideshow functions. Movavi Slideshow Maker features a timeline where you will be working on the photos in the slideshow. You can rearrange the sequence of the photos that will display in the slideshow by dragging them in the timeline.

You can add important points on the topic that you want to present at the business meeting with Movavi Slideshow Maker. To add text, you must click on the T tab on the left side. When you click on the T tab, you will see many different title styles including ribbon stars, rhombus, heart and etc. You will find both basic and artistic title styles under the T tab. When you found a style you want, you must select it and drag it onto the timeline where you want the text to be display. You can stretch the marker so that the text will display on one or more photos.

Movavi Slideshow Maker offers a wide selection of transitions for you to add to your slideshow. The transition tab is the second tab on the left side bar. You can scroll down to see a full collection of transitions and see which one is suitable to be used for your business presentation. When you found a transition style you like, you can drag the transition style in between the slides. You can adjust the duration on how long the transition will last in the slideshow.

Movavi Slideshow Maker allows you to add your own audio track onto your slideshows. To add an audio track, you must click on the add audio button that is represent by the musical note icon on the left side bar. You can also choose from a few free audio tracks that come with the software. The audio track that you have selected will be added under the Audio tab. You can click on the play button to play the audio track. You can also change the volume level of the audio track by clicking on the volume icon.

If the audio track is short, you can select the loop audio option to have the audio automatically replay until the video end. Movavi Slideshow Maker has a small built in editor that let you perform functions such as cut, crop and rotate the photos before adding them into the slideshows. You can also improve images that look poor quality or blurry with the image enhancement feature in the slideshow creator.

When finish creating the slideshow, make sure you play it a few times in the preview pane to see if the slideshow is exactly as you want. If you are satisfied with the slideshow you have created, you can press the Export button to save the slideshow.

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