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How To Run A Global Business From Your Bedroom

Modern digital business is fantastic. Thanks to technology, you can create a global company from your very own bedroom. You can build a website, set up a shop, and ship orders to anywhere in the world. You can conference call with China, Japan, or Brazil. You can make worldwide deals. All without having to go anywhere! If this all sounds too ambitious for you, don’t worry. It’s easier than you think. Every modern company, now matter how small, has the ability to work on a global scale. Want to know how to make that happen? Let’s jump in.



Use global freelancers

If you want to tap into certain markets around the world, you can now use freelancers or contractors. Perhaps you’ve noticed that a lot of your customers or website visitors are coming from Germany. Well, you can now hire a German freelancer to help build your business there. Perhaps they can write blog content, or start building a social media presence for you. You no longer need one central office. You’d be surprised how many big companies work like this, with lots of freelancers across the world.

International banks

The one tricky thing about global business is banking. I’m sure you know that currencies and exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis. That can make global payments and transactions expensive for you as a business. If you’re starting to take worldwide orders, consider partnering with a bank that allows free or cheap transfers. You’ll save a fortune as you expand into lots more territories.

Translations and culture

Of course, one of the biggest problems about global business is the language. Most modern companies will speak a certain level of English. But, you can never be too careful, especially when dealing with contracts and legal wording. For that reason, it’s always worth working with an agency for translation services. Don’t get lost in translation! Secondly, don’t forget to learn about the various cultures and traditions of any country you’re working in. They all have their own customs and values, so make sure you respect them.


The only downside of a global business is making sure everyone stays connected. With different time zones and working hours, it’s not easy to conduct efficient meetings. Try to ensure you set up regular conference calls and Skype meetings. You can keep in contact over instant messenger, and set up shared documents on the cloud. Embracing technology is the only way to run a business with people all over the world.


Communication is the easy part when working globally. YouHow To Run A Global Business From Your Bedroom can reach new customers, and connect with them via social media and content. The hard part, however, is making sure you provide a good service when selling. That’s especially true if you run a store. That means setting up a network of global distributors and wholesalers in various countries. Start by building a strong presence in the country, and use that reputation to connect with reliable distributors.

It’s now easier than ever to run a global business. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Are any of you currently running a worldwide company?


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