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Need Corporate Gift Ideas For Your Million Dollar Customers? Read This!

If you run a business, one of the ways to keep your customers happy is to offer them small tokens of your appreciation of their custom. In other words, sending them out a gift of some description every now and then.

For example, you might send them out things like USB drives with your branding on it. Or even a food hamper just before Christmas. But, what do you do with your million dollar clients? After all, they will be your most lucrative customers and arguably generate the most income for you.

With those guys, you need to give them something more extravagant than some cheap electronics or a food parcel. The only question is, what do you get them? In today’s blog post, I will share with you a few options to give you some inspiration. Check them out below:



Charitable donation

Does your client support a particular charity? If so, you should consider making a generous donation to them on behalf of your client. As you know, charities can only survive on the money that individuals and other organizations donate to them.

The amount you donate is up to you. But, if you can afford it, consider making as large a donation as possible. It’s also worth remembering that charitable donations can get offset against your tax bill. That makes it a win-win situation for everyone concerned!

Support one of their charitable programs

Sometimes it might be your client that is a high-profile, million dollar customer! If they are working on a particular project, you could always support one of them as a way of giving them a “gift” of sorts.

Such an approach is ethical because you aren’t just giving them a material object. You are helping them progress towards a particular goal. For example, let’s say that you are a manufacturer of building materials.



Your client may have a project where they want to build houses for impoverished people in Africa. You could donate various building materials towards the project.

A classic car

Does your client run a heritage motor museum? If so, you could always donate a classic car to them! Of course, if you are going to gift such a high-value item, you need to make sure that it’s in showroom condition.

Places like The Auto Art can do a first-class job of reviving the paintwork and interior. While your local classic car auto repair shop can take care of the mechanical side of things. You might need to “lend” them the car on a long-term basis. Otherwise, you might fall afoul of any local laws concerning expensive corporate gifts!

A go-kart tournament

Let’s face it; there will be times where both you and your client want to let off a bit of steam, as it were. Why not channel that energy into something fun, such as a go-kart tournament?

It’s a brilliant way to learn more about your client on a personal level. Especially if they aren’t based near you and you seldom see them in person.

So, what gift ideas have you decided on?


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