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SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Nobody’s saying that SEO is something that’s simple and easy to get right. It’s not; it’s something you have to work hard at. Here are some key SEO mistakes commonly made by business owners that you need to make sure you avoid.

Expecting Instant Results

When you start a new website, you’re probably going to be impatient to get started. You want your SEO efforts to take effect immediately, but that’s not how it works. New websites are always ranked lower than established ones, and this is something that you can’t really do a great deal about. It’s all about persevering with your efforts and working at it until you start to see the results you’re looking for. The history of a website is always taken into account, so you can’t expect the magic to work overnight.

Taking on Too Much Work

There’s only so much work you can take on by yourself. Eventually, you’re going to have to get help from someone else if you want your website to grow and expand. This might mean employing someone to help you maintain the website and improve SEO if that’s something you can afford to do. If you don’t have the money to be hiring new people, there are alternatives to consider. For example, you could use the services of an online marketing company that can improve your website’s SEO.


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Not Thinking About the Right Keywords

Every time you produce a new piece of content to be posted on your website, you need to think about what the keywords are. If you don’t do this, your content could be hard to find for people using search engines. It can be easy to forget about this stage when you’re rushing to get the content uploaded as quickly as possible. If you don’t have the time or the knowledge to come up with the right keywords, you can use a free keyword generation tool that you can find online.

Too Much Flash

Search engines only really like HTML. This poses a problem for people who like to use a lot of Flash content on their websites. If you ask me, I’d recommend reducing the amount of Flash content used on your website dramatically. It won’t help your website improve its ranking on search engine sites. In fact, it will make its ranking fall, and that’s not what you want. For people looking to improve their SEO skills, they should make sure that the core of their website is HTML.

No Social Media Presence

Social media is a big factor in drawing more people towards your website. It can improve your search engine ranking because it’s a great tool for building more links to your website. That’s why it’s so important for you not to ignore social media because it can help your website a lot. You need to have accounts set up for your website on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and possibly some of the smaller platforms like Instagram. If your content gets shared by accounts with good reputations, your ranking will improve massively.


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