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The 5 Best English Posters For Your Classroom

As every teacher knows, having a colourful classroom decorated with plenty of artwork on the walls is a great way to provide a welcoming environment for your students. While having displays of students’ work can help to bring creativity and colour into your classroom, educational posters are also a great way to decorate your teaching space.


Posters can be a useful tool for displaying info on key topics like literacy as they provide a reference for grammar rules and help to keep them in children’s minds. We have run through 5 of our favourite sources for English classroom posters below.

  1. Teachit Primary have a range of literacy posters available, including their set of grammar posters written by acclaimed English linguist David Crystal. The posters include a child-focused introduction to grammar and explanation of why we use sentences, as well as exploring basic elements of grammar such as adjectives, pronouns and verb phrases. The easy to read text combines with the colourful design and beautiful illustrations to offer a set of posters that would look good in any classroom.
  1. Daydream education have a huge range of English posters which cover any literacy topic you could want. With illustrated posters explaining everything from Active Voice to Punctuation, and handy go to guides covering grammar rules such as capital letters and paragraphs, every age range is covered. They also offer posters which dig deeper into English language and literature, with topics such as ‘Analysing characters’, and ‘Fact vs Opinion’.
  1. KS2 children will love the ‘English Sharpeners’ posters from Badger Learning which cover more advanced grammar and punctuation topics such as apostrophes and modal adverbs. Their range of spelling posters tackle common trip ups such as silent letters and homophones, and thanks to the farmyard animal illustrations they would be a fun addition to your classroom.
  1. Consortium have a colourful set of laminated posters with cartoon illustrations explaining all of the basic rules of grammar. The curriculum-focused content clearly demonstrates each rule while using striking graphics to engage pupils and help to reinforce the facts they are learning.
  1. For something a little more creative, com have a fun range of posters to encourage English learners of all ages. The range of posters cover topics such as 100 words to use instead of “said”, How to read like a detective and The golden rules of highlighting, all using unique illustrations and designs to guarantee an eye-catching result.

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