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The Evolution of the Internet and Websites

It’s perhaps even more so for entrepreneurs and those people involved in business, but what on earth is better than the internet? I mean you can a lot of valuable information online (if you know where and how to search for information), you can market and advertise your business in a very effective and cheap way, you can stay in touch with friends, family members, colleagues and business associates at a cost of next to nothing and you can practically do anything any other form of media allows you to do. You can even enjoy consuming all sorts of entertainment online, but the internet has really come a long way since its very early days of enjoying a growing adoption worldwide.


It’s rather interesting taking a look at the evolution of the internet, with specific reference to the way in which websites have evolved.

Any Form of a Web Presence

Perhaps just like any other piece of technology we became and are becoming acquainted with over the last century, and going into the future, the world’s general indecision or perhaps even oblivion about the potential power of the internet had the earliest version of the World Wide Web confined to a very small section of the world’s population. When more people came online though and some of the big corporations started realising just how powerful the wired world could really be, the race was to just get online and be in on the action. Any form of web presence would do and it’s rather interesting still coming across those websites which look like they were designed in the early nineties, every now and again.

They induce a bit of nostalgia, but looking at the web design standards then and now, these old website were utterly terrible!

Bells and Whistles

Some developers kept it really simple with their websites and it appears as if this group of people knew something everybody else didn’t because the simplest websites are indeed those which belong to the biggest companies like Google, Craigslist, eBay, etc. Otherwise the opening up of the web to individual and hobbyist designers and developers had websites suddenly posing as somewhat of a canvass for all the bells and whistles. JavaScript in particular had websites doing all sorts of “fancy” tricks like dancing links and the likes, which looking back was quite tacky to say the least.

Getting a website was still rather expensive though…


Nowadays the world of the internet appears to have gone right back to the basics of keeping it really simple. Database systems add a dynamic data and content storing and display element to make websites much more powerful, but simplicity seems to be ruling the World Wide Web again. It’s now simply about presenting the specific information users want, as is the case with a website like No unnecessary dancing images or content presented in a distracting manner.

So if there’s anything the evolution of the internet and websites has taught us over the years, it’s that simplicity is indeed the ultimate sophistication.

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