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Things You Must Think About Before Hiring Someone New

When it’s time for your company to hire someone new, you have a few things to think about. You can’t just go hiring people any old how; you need a process and rules that you stick to in order to ensure you only hire the best of the best. Read through this guide to make sure you’re ready to get someone new on board:

Will This Person Add Value to Your Company?

The most important thing is that the person you hire adds value to your company. Don’t get value mixed up with money. Value doesn’t necessarily have to mean money. Sure, if they’re sure to earn you a load more money, hire them! However, if they simply buy you time to work on something else, then they can add value. Eventually, that thing you or your other employees are working on will benefit your company and it will have all been worth it.

Could You Outsource Instead?

You don’t always need to hire someone to stay with you permanently. There’s the option to outsource if you’ll only need a particular job doing for a short while. Let’s say you need a website building as a one off; you wouldn’t hire a permanent web designer to do this for you, you’d outsource it. Outsourcing gives you more freedom; you don’t have as many responsibilities.



Do You Plan on Doing Things Properly?

If you are the CEO of a business or responsible for hiring new team members, you need to make sure everything is done above board. An employment law solicitor can help to talk you through things you need to remember and think about so you know you’re not breaking the law. You can never be too careful; this is your businesses reputation on the line! When you have your employees, it’s essential you treat them right. This will create loyal brand advocates and inadvertently keep your customers happy.

How Will You Monitor Their Training and Progress?

Once you’ve hired your employee, it’s up to you whether you want to micromanage them or leave them to their own devices. That being said, you should have a way of monitoring their training and progress. This will confirm whether you’ve made the right decision or not when you see how they’re progressing.

Does Your Current Team Like Them?

It could be a good idea to do the interview process with some valued members of your current team. It’s important the new employee blends in well with everybody can ‘gets’ your company culture. Having an outside opinion from others in the office will help you to work that out.

When you’ve considered everything in this guide, only then are you ready to hire. Make sure you take the proper steps to hire the perfect person, from checking references to setting up a trial period. You can never be too careful, even if you think you’re a good judge of character.

Do you have any tips on hiring staff? Leave a comment for our readers. See you next time!


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