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Tips For Handling A Vulnerable Woman in the Workplace with Love and Care

Women are strong and have the ability to stick through any situation, but this can often be the truth to a fault. Women love with no borders, they bear pain unlike anything that can be explained, they make the world go round, and they often go unappreciated by those around them who don’t know what it is they have.


A woman in a good place is a blessing to be around. In a not so good place, it can be hard to know how to comfort her. Her emotions she’s usually so good at controlling might be flying at bay. This is challenging in a workplace situation where the attitude and actions of one individual so closely affect everyone else. If you currently have a woman in your workplace who is in a vulnerable state, here are some tips for how to handle her with love and care:

Insist She Take Time Off

You may have no idea what’s going on in your fellow co worker or employees life, so when the situations she is dealing with start manifesting in her day to day life through attitude, actions, failure to perform, and other things, it would be good to insist that she take a little bit of time off.

If you’re a fellow worker, consider talking with your boss about letting her have some time to process and gather herself. If you are the boss, address her in person in a safe place and offer her a bit of time. If that doesn’t work, you can take it to the next step.

Gently Ask For Details

If simple time off doesn’t help the situation, it might be good for you to take some time with her personally and gently try and coax some details out of her. You never know what people are dealing with and if they just need somebody to talk to and process through things.

You might discover that she’s in need of some treatment and you might discover that she’s just found out she’s pregnant and has to do it alone. Learning the situation will give you compassion for her and will allow you to make more educated choices about what  you can do to help her in her time of need.

Refrain From Gossip

Lastly, it would be good of you to refrain from gossip amongst other women in the workplace. Women have a tendency to talk a lot about situations and stir up drama and this will only bring more damage to the woman who is going through difficult things. If you want to help and handle a vulnerable woman with love and care, don’t talk. Keep things in confidence and send her positive thoughts and gestures of love.

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