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Tips For Keeping Your Look Fresh When You’re A Business Woman On the Go

Many people strive to stay busy. When you’ve got a lot to do, it stops you from being able to slow down and really think hard about situations you’re dealing with. In the realm of emotions and what happens day to day, it’s usually easier to just busy yourself instead of address the issues head on that are often difficult to face. For a woman in business who is on the go all of the time, the minor responsibilities in life can get easily swept under the rug. That’s okay for a time, but if you ignore things for too long, they start to fall into disrepair.


Life in business is really about prioritizing. Keep your eye on the prize, but also know when to take a time out. If you’re a business woman on the go and you’re struggling to find balance between your two lives, there are many things you’ll have to learn through trial and error. However, even if you’re feeling like your life is in a state of chaos, take time to focus a bit on yourself and your look to keep your spirits high when you’re in a season of business.

Here are 3 tips for keeping your look fresh when you’re a business woman on the go:

Change Up Your Hair

You know those ladies you see walking down the streets who obviously haven’t changed their hairstyle since the 80’s? You know you cringe when you see those ladies. Obviously keeping things new and exciting isn’t a priority to them and they feel some odd sort of comfort in keeping their hair the same through the ages, but you should dare to be different.

Today you can get away with doing anything that you want with your hair. If you want to do 80’s, you could…but think about investing in a pair of extensions, or think about figuring out different ways to wear your hair up, or half down. Hair is a versatile medium. Just because it grows out of your head one way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. If you’re a busy business woman, changing up your hair now and then will help add a sense of creativity to your day to day operations.

Double Up On Your Makeup Basics

When your life is centered around the office, you might not go home for 12 to 15 hours at a time. That’s a long time to not freshen up your face, especially considering you’ve probably moved through many different environments with varying humidity levels. You also never know when you’re going to cry, when your eyeliner might rub off, or when you suddenly want to dawn a bright shade of lipstick.

For this reason, double up on your makeup basics. Have two foundations, two eyeliners, two powders, and two of whatever else you use all the time. You’ll want to have two so that you can keep one set of makeup at home, and you can bring one with you on the road and never have to worry about forgetting to transfer your items. Having makeup with you will go so far when you want to keep yourself looking fresh when you’re on the go and staring hour 13 at the office straight in the face.

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