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Two Exciting Team Building Ideas that Bridge Gender Stereotypes

No matter how hard men and women strive to be similar to one another there will always be differences between the two. Men and women communicate differently, it’s a plain and simple fact. Men are often more reserved, while women are often more emotionally driven.Tom


It is because of these differences in communication and the way the two sexes do things differently, and think differently, that there can often be communication breakdowns both in the workplace and in your personal life. What can help both sexes learn to understand one another better, and work better together, is the implementation of team building exercises.

There are plenty of team building exercises that businesses can use to help bridge the gap in diversity and help their team work together better and get along better.

Step Out Of The Work Environment

A great way to help coworkers bond is to get them out of the work environment and get them doing something fun in which they can get on teams and learn better to work with one another. Consider something like a team sport or even airsoft or paintball tournaments. Let them get the feel of preparing, even practicing getting the target with the proper equipment, and then split the teams so they are all co-ed.

By learning to work on a co-ed team both sexes can better understand one another and come up with strategies that work for both sexes. It forces them to learn to better communicate and figure out how to effectively work together.

Promote Equality In The Workplace

Sometimes the best ways to build a team and break the gender gap is to do it the simple way. Start in the workplace. When both sexes are treated the same, paid the same for the same jobs, and giving the same titles, they can often find it easier to get along and communicate with one another. By assigning the same names on not making a separation of genders neither sex will feel more superior to the other.

When it comes to getting ideas and having meetings in the business place, offer up the same amount of time for speaking, questions, and the sharing ideas for employees of both sexes. Let the women in your business show that they are not just meek and timid humans, that they too have great business ideas and strive to be successful managers, salespeople, and more. This kind of encouragement could further be aided if you consider carrying out company-wide personality and strength assessments (like those offered by Tilt 365), so that individuals are more aware of what they can and cannot do. This could provide a lot of information about each person’s strengths (and weaknesses), offering up an opportunity for both sexes to build on it and form stronger teams.

So, what’s so exciting about these two ideas? Well, it’s definitely exciting when you can beat the gender gap and define employees by their positions and their contributions to the job, rather than by their sex. It is also exciting when a team can get out of the office and have some fun working together on something not work related.

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