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Ultimate Guide To The Importance Of Workspace Design

If you are an employer, how much do you think about the design of your office space? If you don’t give it a second thought, then read on. We’ve pulled together some of the reasons why it is so important, and why you should be playing closer attention to design. Let’s take a closer look.


First of all, let’s take a look at productivity. As a rule, people need to enjoy the space around them to be as productive as they can be. If they don’t like their desk or enjoy being in the office, then all you can expect from them is the bare minimum.

That’s not good for you, and it means that you aren’t helping them work to their full potential. The trouble is that people like working in different ways. Some might enjoy the open plan environment while others may feel more creative if they are in their own office without any other influences.

Health and safety

It goes without saying that as an employer you should be taking a great deal of care about the health and safety of your employees. And that all starts with the design of your office. There’re lots to think about, from the simple to the surprising. For example, if there aren’t enough waste baskets lying around, then people might start to pile up waste on their desks. All those piles of paper could cause a trip hazard, or provide fuel in the event of fire.

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You should also think about the materials you are using for your furniture, and ensure they are safe. If you don’t take care of all the metal fittings in your office, for example, they could end up rusting and corroding. If someone has an accident and cuts themselves, that could be a tetanus problem. So, in this case, it would have been wiser to invest in high-quality steel fittings that don’t corrode – or pose a health hazard.

Professional image

Of course, if you ever have guests or visitors from other companies, the design of your office is vital. Like it or not, they will judge you – just as you would judge them if the roles were reversed. Your offices and workspace should reflect who you are.

If you are a creative agency, you will get away with having antique bicycles stuck on the wall as artwork, or giant beanbags strewn across the floor. However, you won’t get away with this if you are an accountant – it just isn’t appropriate.

Green credentials

Whether you are down with environmental issues or not, it makes no difference when if comes to business. The simple fact is that more consumers are making choices that sway towards companies who can uphold some form of green credentials. If you aren’t doing what you can to reduce waste and work in a sustainable way, many consumers will find other services that do.

So, embrace a more positive view of the green issue and cut back on waste and reduce your energy use. And, most importantly, design your office and workspace in a way that makes it easy to do. It’s a great bit of PR, too!

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