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What to Do to Ensure Your Staff are the Best of the Best

If you run your own business and hire your own staff, you want to make sure that your staff are the best you can possibly get. You can’t do this by letting just anybody apply for a position at your business though; use the following steps and you should always hire top notch staff.

Ask for Something Specific in the Application Process

The application process is the same with many companies. Simply send in a CV and cover letter and see if you get an interview. However, anybody could apply. Most people will apply for the position without really reading what you’ve written, or making sure they’re qualified to get the job. To make it better, ask for something specific in the application process. This could be something simple, like ‘include your favourite Youtube video at the bottom of your application and tell us why you love it’. It has nothing to do with the job, but you’ll know they read through everything properly and can follow instructions.

Always Speak to References

Always call the references given to you on an application form, and make sure they’re real references. Ask specific questions, such as:

  • Why would you recommend this person as an employee?

  • Are there any reasons you wouldn’t recommend this person?

  • Is what they say on their CV true?

Always do Background Checks

Always do background checks to make sure you’re hiring genuine people. They should have had no serious run ins with the police and should have a clean record. You also need to make sure that they are who they say they are. Even if you think you know someone, you need to be sure. You don’t want to make any silly mistakes just because your judgement was briefly clouded.

Train Them Up to Your Standards

Although the staff you hire will more than likely already have skills and qualifications, go out of your way to train them to your standards. Make sure they know what you expect from them, and how you do things. Give them constructive criticism too so they know where they can improve before you leave them to manage themselves. Giving them reviews every few weeks or months can help them to settle in and know where they stand.


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Make Sure They’re Healthy and Happy

Your staff members should be healthy and happy in order to get things done within your business. If they have any illnesses that could affect the way they work in your company, they are obliged to tell you so. With an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) you can make sure your staff are healthy and happy by giving them any help they need.

Send Them on Team Building Exercises

Sending your staff on team building exercises will help them to work better as a team. Not only will they get to know one another, they should learn how each member thinks and works. This will lead to a much better team dynamic.

If you take the above steps, your staff won’t let you down. Make sure you show them you appreciate them from time to time so you don’t lose them!


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