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Why Online Casinos Give Away Such Big Signup Bonuses

The mind of a business person or an entrepreneur is always working, whether you’re sleeping or if you’re standing in a queue at the bank because for some reason you just can’t do what you need to do through your online banking platform, etc. I mean that’s what makes us who we are — opportunity-seekers who understand that opportunity can be found in the most unsuspecting of circumstances. The online gambling industry comes into focus as one of the opportunities to truly think a little deeper about, particularly with regards to exactly why online casinos give away such big signup bonuses and other forms of credit as part of their ongoing special promotions.

Marketing Strategy

imageThe fact that giving away free credits as part of a signup bonus or other special promotion makes for a great marketing strategy is probably obvious to many people, but the genius behind this marketing strategy goes a lot further than what the average person may think. This is how online casinos gain critical mass and this is how they gain what can become loyal, lifelong customers, some of whom are even professional gamblers who’ve mastered the art of making money through their online gambling exploits. If you’re one such person who doesn’t know where to start, you can kick things off by reading this Ladbrokes casino review: sign up and get £1,500 bonus.

Huge Profits from Fine Margins

With physical casinos they have a little bit more leeway in terms of what they can do to generate revenue and profits. That’s why you mostly have lots of different types of entertainment options when you go to a physical casino, with some of that entertainment aimed at the kids so that a visit to the casino can make for some fun for the whole family. Things are different for online casinos though, because with online casinos for them to remain liquid there has to be constant activity. It’s a game of high volumes, fine margins and huge profits, so online casino operators give away tonnes of money through signup bonuses and other special promotions to keep the so-called casino wheel spinning. I mean for one, the very concept of a progressive jackpot can only work if there are many gamers engaged, and fortunately for online casinos there is a much wider pool of participants to draw on. Gamblers can connect from just about all corners of the globe.

Getting a Real Feel for the Games

imageThis perhaps goes back to the online casinos marketing themselves, but yeah, there’s always a difference between playing just for fun in something like a demo mode and playing for real money. If you have some bonus credits given to you as a signup bonus, you can get a real feel for how it is to play the many games available for some real money.

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