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Yorkshire Water First To Pledge Their Support to 2017 Hull City of Culture

Hull’s year as the 2017 City of Culture has announced Yorkshire Water as the first major sponsor to come on board. The company which has a long-running heritage of supplying some of our lives’ most essential services has pledged their support and expertise to making Hull an environmental sustainability model.


Over the past decade, it has invested more than £50 million on upgrading Hull’s extensive network of pipes, treatment works and pumping stations to give greater protection to the city.

City of Culture chief executive Martin Green said that he was delighted the company was throwing its weight behind 2017.

Mr Green said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Yorkshire Water on board as our first principal corporate supporter.

“As well as being part of a world-class festival that will engage and inspire millions of people locally, nationally and internationally, they will also help to build a new future for Hull, where the power of culture is being harnessed to regenerate communities and transform the city.”

Richard Flint who holds the reigns as the chief of Yorkshire Water had quite a bit to say as well: “We are delighted to pledge our support for Hull 2017, which we are confident will put Hull and its surrounding towns and villages well and truly on the world stage.”

“It’s a great way to reinforce the fact that we are an integral part of Hull, providing major social economic and environmental benefits to the city.”

“As a company we are working on ambitious long-term plans for Hull which we hope local communities will get behind.”

“Last year we enthusiastically supported the Yorkshire Festival and we aim to bring the same enthusiasm and experience to Hull, UK City of Culture 2017.”

Yorkshire Water supplies waste water services and clean water to over five million people, two million homes and 130, 000 businesses. Yorkshire Water enjoys boasting the fourth lowest average water and sewerage bills in the United Kingdom and just last year alone, 22,000 customers who were classed as financially vulnerable were supported with some £8million in aid.

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