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Your Guide to Health & Safety in the Workplace

Health and safety is one of those things that has a dull and boring reputation. That doesn’t mean it’s not vitally important to your business though!

Identify Risks

The workplace, no matter what kind of workplace it is, presents an endless amount of risks and problems that you’ll have to overcome as an employer. But each workplace is different and, therefore, there will different risks for you to identify. Look at both general risks and ones that are specific to your business.

All offices have various risks to mitigate. You should start by making sure the office layout is open and spacious, and there are no trip hazards on the floor. Then make sure all your electrical equipment has been tested and meets regulatory standards. Finally test your fire alarms. These are the basics, but you should delve deeper in your own workplace.

Make Training Compulsory

One way to make sure your employees don’t get injured and hurt themselves in your workplace, you should make sure they’re fully trained. This should be done as soon as they take on their job. Don’t let them start work until they know exactly how to carry out their job safely and without risk.

Every employee, no matter what job it is they do, should be talked through all the relevant safety procedures that are present in your workplace. This is a must even if they’re just going to be sitting behind a desk. And then, anyone who does a job that carries specific risks should be given more comprehensive training.

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Conduct Fire Drills

The danger of fire is present in every workplace. There are certain things you can do to minimise the risk of a fire, but there’s no way to rule out the possibility entirely. You should have multiple and working fire alarms at variance points in your office. Remember to test them regularly and change the batteries when necessary.

You should also have fire extinguishers in the office so that small fires can be put out before they spread. But you’ll still need to carry out regular fire drills. They give you the chance to test how your workforce would respond in the real event of a fire. Make sure your staff know what the procedure is in the event of a fire before you carry out the drill though.

Resolve Problems Swiftly

Problems occur in every workplace, no matter how detailed and comprehensive your health safety procedures are. When these problems and incidents occur in your workplace, you need to take action to resolve them quickly and responsibly. Too many employers don’t do this, and it costs them in the long-term.

When someone gets hurt, they will want to seek medical advice and legal advice from firms like Zaner Harden Law. A responsible employer will not try to stop this. Protecting the rights and privileges of workers is essential, and any employer who does otherwise shouldn’t be in business.

Getting your workplace health and safety measures right is something that every business owner needs to prioritise.


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