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Damage Control: What To Do When You Get Bad Press

One thing that can damage your business is bad press. You have no control over what the press say about you or your business. When you do get negative comments about you in the press then, it can be difficult to know where to start. Damage control is vital the moment that the damning article is out in the public domain. Many business owners tend to ignore the press and hope that everyone else does the same. That is the worst thing that you can do. By ignoring the bad press, you agree with it. People and your customers will assume that because you have failed to comment, that the story is true. Moreover, they will assume that you don’t care about the negative press and that you don’t care about your business.

The press can make or break your business. If you get a lot of negative press, you will begin to lose your customers. Pretty soon you will find yourself back at square one with a bad reputation. If you are a victim of negative journalism and don’t know what to do read this. Here is what to do when you get bad press.


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If The Story Is Untrue Then Ask For A Correction

If the story is untrue and you can prove so, then you need to ask for a correction. Many journalists will correct the mistake fast if you tell them that they are wrong. If they fail to do so you can seek legal help and take them to court over the matter. Be aware that often when a case goes to court it attracts more media attention. A court case means that more of your audience will be aware of the bad press.

If You Are At Fault Then Apologise

If the story was true then, you are going to have to grit your teeth and apologise. You can call up the newspaper that printed the original story and ask them to publish an apology on your behalf. By apologising to your audience, you show that you care about your business and your customers. Whilst people may still be mad about the bad press, they will see your human side and will forgive you for any damage.

Counter The Bad Press With Positive PR

Once you have dealt with the negative opinion it is time to counter the bad press itself. The media has only ever portrayed your company in a negative light. You will need to do some work to counter that problem. You want the press to be writing about all the good things your company does. Enlist the help of a marketing or PR company to help you get positive press. This website will help you. The company will help to promote positive things about your business to the press. Having good news stories written about your business will soon make your customers forget all about the bad press.

Try To Win Over The Journalist

If it is a particular journalist who is writing negative comments about your business then, it is time to change tact. Winning over a critic is one of the hardest things you, as a business owner, will ever have to do. Call the journalist in person and invite them to dinner. Over a meal, you will be able to tell them about all the great sides of your business. Don’t suggest that he or she writes about the positive things you are telling him or her. Instead, say that you wanted to make sure he or she didn’t get the wrong impression about the business. Make it sound as though you care about what the journalist thinks on a personal level, not what he or she happens to write in the press. If you can win over the journalist you will never have to deal with bad press again and might even get some free promotion in the media.

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