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Girl bosses are the best bosses!

City Girl Business Club is reclaiming the world ‘bossy’ and spinning it into something positive. Yeah, we’re bossy, yeah we’re in charge and hell yeah we’re good at it!

This blog is the ultimate business blog for girls, we’re a strong gender and we all support each other. Women united are the most powerful force in the universe and together we can fight for what we deserve!

I’ll be offering tips on anything and everything business related – advice on careers, how to ace an interview, how to conduct yourself in meetings, how to balance books, start a business… everything!

And me? Well, I’m just a girl making her way in the big bad world. I’ve started businesses, failed at businesses and know I’m a thriving entrepreneur in London. I’m keeping my name and some personal information under wraps though, can’t have you all turning up on my doorstep!

I will tell you that I live a pretty charmed life (on the surface anyway!) in a nice city ce4ntre flat with my partner, my two lovely chinchillas and a goldfish name Esquire. I grew up in Somerset so the London life is very much a change of pace for me! I’ve gotten used to it though and now I roll out with the best of them.

I’d love for you to take the time to tell me what you think of the blog and any pointers for making it even bigger and better. If you’re a young woman looking for advice then you’re in exactly the right place, send me a message with any questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer them fully and honestly.



If you’ve got a great business tip, or post you want to share, head over to the contact page and fill out the quick form, and someone will get back to you ASAP.

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