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Eliminating Boundaries: Your Guide to Global Shipping

The advent of the internet has resulted in the world feeling like a much smaller place. Consumers from all ages are not only becoming more tech-savvy and embracing e-commerce, but they’re also more comfortable shopping on the international market. Small business owners, too, are looking to take advantage of this trend, but understanding the different rules and regulations that govern ... Read More »

Pioneering Women in Male-Dominated Industries

Women who are pioneers in any industry really should be saluted because if you come to think of it, every industry is indeed male-dominated in some way or another. There are however some industries which are automatically and specifically associated with “the man,” whether it’s at the ownership level or at the execution level, especially if it involves physical labour. ... Read More »

Work Causing Stress? 4 Signs Your Body Needs A Break

As a busy professional, stress is probably an integral part of your life, whether you’re scrambling to meet tight deadlines or giving big conference presentations – work keeps you on your toes. And while you may know when stress is infringing on your personal life, skewing work-life balance, do you know how to tell when stress is harming your body? ... Read More »

cityFive Great Careers For Women That Love Houses

Whether you simply love decorating homes, or you really get into picking out homes that are perfect for your friends and family, there are numerous careers that revolve around the love of houses. As a strong and independent woman, you can easily take on any of these career ideas and turn them into successful business ventures. Read More »

3 ways to help future-proof your firm

Even if your firm is flourishing right now, it’s impossible to eliminate the prospect of running into problems further down the line. The fact is, there’s always an element of risk involved in business. However, if you’re savvy, you can minimise the threats to your company’s long-term success. With this in mind, here are three ways to help future-proof your ... Read More »

3 Ways To Find More Time In Your Busy Work Day

As a working woman, it seems as though there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything you have on your to-do lists. From professional calendars and familial obligations to physical fitness and personal goals, 24 hours isn’t satisfactory. However, it’s all we have. So for those women who need some help finding ways to make the absolute ... Read More »

Top Footwear Choices for Professional Women Who Want Healthy Feet

In professional business, there can be a stereotype as to what a “businesswoman” should look like. Pencil skirts, pant suits, and the ever-important black pumps frequently make it on the list of acceptable business attire. While heels have been a classically attractive option for women for centuries, the reality is that they are remarkably unhealthy for your feet, spine, and ... Read More »