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3 Inspiring Serial Entrepreneurs

If you think about it, serial entrepreneurs are perhaps some of the bravest people in the world, as they often give up normal salaries, work schedules and family lives to pursue their ideas. At first, it seems that successful businesspeople must possess some sort of special trait or knowledge that the rest of us lack, but this isn’t the case. Here, ... Read More »

Minimising Your Bank Fees

Whether it’s in relation to your personal bank account or that of your business, bank fees can make a world of difference to the overall health and shape of your finances. I mean if in addition to the interest they charge on the money they lend to people banks thrive on the bank charges they charge people, this should automatically ... Read More »

Growing and Expanding Your Business Abroad

Once a company grows to a certain level, there’s only one way to extend further and that’s by expanding internationally. Growing and expanding your business abroad can be quite daunting when you don’t know how. By following these top tips you’ll be well on your way to global expansion, here’s how: Read More »

7 Tips for Creating a Zen-Centered Home for After Work Peace

Whether you’re a busy working mom or a career-centric women who deserves restful evenings, there’s nothing more frustrating than coming home to an unorganized or poorly designed home. It’s almost impossible to relax after a long day of work when your home doesn’t offer that Zen feeling it should. For a more peaceful home life, here are some simple suggestions. Read More »

A Great Web Designer Can Make All the Difference

The way that your site is designed is so critical when you are launching an online business. People have become very jaded. They are used to visiting sites that have been created by the top web design companies in the world. Therefore, you need to keep up with the big boys if your business has any hope of succeeding. The ... Read More »