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The Instant Judgements People Make About Your Website

When you meet a new person, you make an instant judgement about their character. They always say that in a job interview, the employer makes their mind up in seconds. The same is true of your website. When users land on your site, they make an immediate subconscious opinion. This only takes milliseconds and relies on a multitude of factors. Users respond to the design and feel of a website instantly.

This first impression is vitally important. Your website is the key to your online business. You need to entice new users and keep existing users happy. They must feel comfortable on your site. New users must be guided through your products or services with simplicity and intuitive design. If any small element is wrong, they will simply give up and try elsewhere. Long lasting custom starts with good web design.


The internet is littered with websites that tried too hard to be different. Of course, the very best web design pushes the boundaries of possibilities. It opens up new concepts and ideas. The best web design is bold and new. However, users expect a certain degree of familiarity. For example, if you are a shop, users have a certain expectation of what an online store looks like. Try to stick to these expectations. Explore other design ideas, but keep the core functionality the same. If users land on your site and are confused, they won’t stay long. It may be time for an update.

Key components

Studies have shows that the eye is drawn to certain elements on a website. Eye tracking has revealed that there are five important areas where the eye lingers longest. Top of the list is your logo. Users want to identify who you are. Second is the navigation bar. This gives them a quick sense of what you offer and the scope of your website. Third is the main image followed by the written wording. After that, it’s down to the bottom of your site for the footer. All of this gets heavy traction before any real content is digested. With that in mind, make sure these things look striking and simple. These are the first things users are looking for.


The brain makes a quick judgement based on the overall design of your site. Studies have shows that instant reactions are negative when sites are overly complex. When you are presented with too much information to digest, we instinctively back away from it. The best design is simple and attracts your attention to a few select areas. There are plenty of affordable web design that can help achieve this. It should make your users feel at home and direct them to your conversion goals.


Web users respond to inspiration and ideals. When people are on your website, they are looking for answers. They are looking for inspiration or something new and exciting. They want your website to provide that. Users tend to stay longer on sites that use inspirational photography featuring their content. Try to incorporate that into your design.

The perfect web design strikes a fine balance. There is a sweet spot between familiarity and invention. Somewhere between simplicity and inspiration there is the right design for you. Draw your users in with simple, intuitive design, but keep them hooked with inspiration and new features.


Thanks to Ruth Ellison for the image

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