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Tips For Protecting Yourself In Business

When you are getting started in business there seems to be an awful lot you don’t know and a helluva lot you really should. You may be extraordinarily talented at whatever it is you do. But knowing which laws, insurances and regulations apply to you in business can be impossible without a little help. Even with legal advice, there may ... Read More »

A Business For The Modern Age: How Technology Changed Business

Running a successful business in the technological age brings with it whole host of challenges our predecessors couldn’t have even have imagined. From cardless payments to cross-platform communication strategies, the modern landscape looks very different. So what impact has technology had on businesses  and how did it help to shape this brave new world? Image Source: Sean Ellis From a ... Read More »

A Guide To Starting Your Own Cleaning Company

(Photo credit) If you are planning on starting your own business, you will probably have lots of options to consider. One business startup idea that is low cost and easy to start up is a cleaning business. More and more people are choosing to start their own cleaning companies – all you really need is some sponges and a bottle ... Read More »

A Complete Guide To Managing A New Team

As a businesswoman, you have probably had a lot of experience working with people. When the time comes for you to manage a team, though, you may not know where to start. Entrepreneurs tend to be independent and ambitious. Believe it or not, those attributes do not always make them the best managers. When you oversee a group of people, ... Read More »

Giving Your Bed and Breakfast That Professional Touch

Source: Pixabay As a small business owner, you should be constantly looking to improve your services. You should be doing this because it will grow your business, but also because it will continue to make you proud of exactly what it is that you’re achieving as a businessperson. Being a small business owner is certainly an engaging experience which has ... Read More »

The Instant Judgements People Make About Your Website

When you meet a new person, you make an instant judgement about their character. They always say that in a job interview, the employer makes their mind up in seconds. The same is true of your website. When users land on your site, they make an immediate subconscious opinion. This only takes milliseconds and relies on a multitude of factors. ... Read More »