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Link Building Post-Penguin: What’s Next?

The attack of the penguin has hit many business owners. The Google algorithm changes in the form of Penguin have seen something of an impact for many small businesses. But, big businesses have been affected too. In the main, Penguin has struck fear into the hearts of many. Now, people are scared to link build.

Let’s cut through the scaremongering and get to the facts. You need to start link building once again. You cannot omit link building from your SEO strategy. On the contrary, links are the foundation of the internet and always will be. What the Penguin algorithm is attempting to stop is black-hat and manipulative tactics. In light of the Penguin update, it has been suggested that you outsource your link building strategies. But, you can do them in-house too depending on whether this will work better for your business or not. So, whether you outsource by using a link building service or complete SEO in-house, there are some great ways that you can link build in a post-Penguin world.


You need to focus on your content in order to achieve great links. If your content is outstanding, more people will naturally link to it. This means that you are still link building, but in more Google-friendly way. Google has now stated that it wants more in-depth content pieces. This is now a symbol of authority and ranking. So, if you want to link-build the natural way, start creating amazing content. In-depth content is going to be considered as a high profile post. This means that you will naturally get to the top of SERPs.



Infographics can be a great tool in your marketing arsenal. After all, not everyone wants to read large chunks of information. If the information that you are presenting is data heavy, you don’t want to bore people rigid with spreadsheets. An infographic is the perfect way of engaging with your audience. But, in the post-Penguin universe, this is the best way to attract links. Many websites will link to infographics. This is so that their customer and reader experience is enhanced.

Adopting New Outreach Techniques

Link building is a great way to raise your company profile. But, if infographics and content are not enough for you, you need to consider adopting new outreach techniques. After all, guest blogging will still have a place, even in a Penguin-led digital space. But, you need to ensure that you are building the right relationships. Outreach is the best way to do this.

You can still use influential bloggers to write great content for you. Consider this is a form of outsourcing. You get great content, but you also get the many benefits of link building. You can also use YouTube to help define your links and ensure that you are still in receipt of a high influx of traffic. It may be worthwhile investigating podcasts and the use of video content. While this is still a fledgling, it’s going to become bigger and better than ever before.

You don’t have to stick to the tried and tested ways. Now is the time to beat the Penguin and get creative.

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