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4 Tips For Lawyers Who Want To Keep Their Clients Happy

Keeping clients happy is a crucial part of running a reputable legal practice. It’s essential to ensure that you’re providing the best possible customer service.  Rather than worry over when you’ll get your next client, why deliver exceptional legal services so your clients are likely to refer you to their friends and family.

How you act and treat your clients will play a crucial role in determining your professional reputation.  Here are some of the best tips for keeping them content.

Maximize Your Communication

Most people will tell you that their biggest complaint with lawyers is lack of communication.  Frequent communication is an essential part of your relationship with your client. It’s a process which should be maintained in order to make them feel valued.

It’s important that you keep in mind that not every client’s form of communication is the same.  You may have to adjust how you communicate based on their particular needs. One client may prefer being called weekly, while another may like communicating by email.  It’s essential that you adapt to each client in order to have the best possible relationship with each.

Each time a client tries to reach you it’s essential that you follow up.  If you aren’t able to answer right away, give them a time when they can expect a reply.  Doing so will ensure they remain feeling like a priority.

Be Upfront About Costs

Clients are often frustrated with their attorneys because of billing issues.  They may not have anticipated the total cost and are angry at the final bill. To avoid this, make sure that you talk to them from the beginning about what they can expect to pay.

Once they agree to your fee, be sure to update them each time that a new cost arises.  When you send them an invoice keep it simple and easy to understand.  

Admit Your Faults

Even the best firms can make mistakes.  As a lawyer, you should own up to your errors.  Rather than trying to argue your way out of taking responsibility, admit faults and apologize.

As in any firm, mistakes can also occur in solo law practices. Whether it’s from a miscommunication or an administrative error, it’s how we handle our mistakes that really matters.

The best way to handle mistakes with a client is to simply admit your mistakes and apologize. Never underestimate your client’s ability for understanding. They usually do not expect you to be perfect.

Usually, your client will be understanding and accept that humans make mistakes sometimes. Apologies and accepting fault can go a long way.

Be Selective

You don’t have to represent every single person that asks for it.  Trust your gut and only take on clients who you think will be a good fit.

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