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Dress to Impress

When you go to work, you want to give a good impression. Between home, family, work…and of course having a social life, there is a lot to remember. Dress for success! This is key for job interviews or important meetings.


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  1. Be detail oriented. Wrinkles, stray pet hair, chipped nail polish, and stains will not escape the notice of others. Be sure to iron your clothing, bring a hairbrush, and keep a lint roller handy. These small details can make or break your professional look.
  2. Avoid strong fragrances. You never know when someone is sensitive to strong fragrances. It is one thing to smell nice. It is another to overwhelm the people who are in the same room as you.
  3. Choose accessories wisely. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Too much is distracting. Also, consider your shoes and handbags carefully. If you wear heels to a job where you are required to walk around constantly, it will not be in your (or your feet’s) favor. They also need to match your outfit.
  4. Be yourself. Whether interviewing for a new job or meeting with a client, take the wise words of William Shakespeare into consideration “This above all, to thine own self be true.” If you are uncomfortable in your clothes, it will show. Why undermine your confidence? Find professional looking clothing that fits your own style. 

No matter what the occasion, people will always judge the book by its cover. Don’t let this stifle your personality, but do keep it in mind. Looking your best will not only impress others, it can instill confidence in yourself.

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