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Mental Health Preparedness Tips For Women In Business

A woman’s mental strength can go a long, long way in the world of business.  Though there have been many years for women and men to become more equal in the workplace, women still face a wide array of challenges.  

Sexual disparagement is still very much alive, and females still, on average, only make 75 cents on the dollar compared to men working in the same exact position with the same tasks and responsibilities.  

Women are also quite bad about tearing each other down, as if there were not already enough hurdles to clear.  Take a moment to consider these helpful tips that will women towards mental preparedness for the challenges faced in the workplace.  

Self care is a key component

Taking personal time for self care is much more important than people allow themselves to accept.  It is not simply a flippant suggestion the quirky therapist made last year.  Take time for self care.  

Women who chronically neglect themselves and do not set aside time for personal care, are more susceptible to mental health struggles and even addiction issues.  Make time for the things that are important.  

Get plenty of sleep.  Eat a balanced and healthy diet.  Take those piled up sick days, and tend to the inner self to maintain a successful life path.  

Balance in everything is peaceful

Try to maintain balance between the positive and negative things in life.  Sometimes the positive things do not come naturally, and that is where conscious effort takes hold.  

If work was particularly trying one day, then it would be helpful to make time in the evening for a glass of wine and a comfortable chair.  Equalize the negative with something relaxing and positive.  Balance will promote a calm and confident demeanor.  

Learn to accept when things are out of control

There is no benefit in breaking down mentally over things that are impossible to control.  Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.  For example, a person might break an arm, and it might hurt a whole bunch.  

The pain is uncontrollable, but whether a person slams that broken arm repetitively on the ground, or not, is 100 percent controllable.  When bad things happen, take a deep breath, and be conscious to avoid unnecessary suffering. 

Avoid self-pity and ask for help

This point works in tandem with the one before it.  Time spent pitying oneself is time wasted.  Be constructive, and seek out help.  Do whatever possible to avoid failure in the future.  

Everyone deals with feeling inefficient at times.  Just make sure to keep that feeling in its place, and press forward in all things.  Persistence will always make a difference.  

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