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After Your Business Event: How to Keep the Success Going

Running a business event take a lot of time and effort. You can spend months planning it, only to run around making sure it all goes to plan on the day. When it’s over, all you want to do is sit back and relax. But you shouldn’t be so hasty to let go and get back to your normal routine. After the event is one of the best times to engage with people, including both those who did and didn’t attend. You can find that you’re able to make more sales in the aftermath of the event, when it’s still fresh in everyone’s minds. Plus, you can secure feedback to make the next event better. Make sure you’re doing the things below once your event is over.



Get on Social Media

You used social media throughout your event, promoting it in the run-up and encouraging discussion as it took place. You probably found that Twitter was one of the best sites to use. Perhaps you had a dedicated hashtag for the event. When everything winds down, don’t stop using your social media channels. Keep the conversation going and get people to share their experiences. Ask attendees what their favorite talk was, or what they learned from the event. You could even run a post-event competition, or announce the winners of one you ran on the day.

Use Photos and Videos

Hopefully, you were capturing your event using both photography and videography. Using a live event production service will help you create memories you can share far and wide after the event. You can use the resulting media on your site, social media channels, and in advertising. These materials can create a powerful picture of your event. They remind attendees of their experience and showing everyone else what they missed. They will come in handy for promoting future events. You can also use your images and videos to advertise your products and services.

Ask for Feedback

If you are hoping to run more events in the future, you should be sure to ask for feedback. Doing it as soon as possible will help you ensure that you get a high response rate from everyone who attended your event. Start as people are leaving the event by handing them physical forms or notecards to fill out. They can do it there and then or mail them back to you. You can also reach out to people via social media, your event pages, and email to ask them to fill out a survey.

Email Marketing

Email is one of your best tools post-event. Reaching out to attendees after the event will help to keep them riding the high. You could ask for feedback, offer a discount to people who attended, or just thank them for coming. Let them know about any post-event issues that need to be wrapped up, such as competitions. Use email to try and get some more sales too.

Your hard work shouldn’t stop once the event is over. Keep going until you’ve tied up any loose ends.

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