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Four Fun Direct Sales Jobs For Women

Most people dream about get rich quick schemes at some point in their life. Most people that have those dreams turn to direct sales careers that promise lots of money in a short time. And then, most of those people realize that they aren’t really going to get rich quick.

The fact of direct and independent sales jobs is that they are something fun to do and they allow you to be your own boss. It’s up to you how much money you make, which revolves directly around how much time you put into the selling and marketing that you do. If you only try to sell to close friends and family members, you aren’t going to make much money.

It’s all about putting yourself out there and selling in any outlet you can find, from the local farmer’s market to getting a spot in a local store to set up. You also want to make sure that you do some research on the particular company you want to work with, and make sure you don’t have a ton of competition in your local area.

It Works!

If you are a fan of health and wellness, It Works! may be the right choice for you when it comes to direct sales. They offer many great products, from items to help you lose weight, to vitamins and other things that will simply help you live a healthier life.

Like all direct sales companies, there are naysayers, and then there are people that will swear by it. It’s all a matter of how you work to sell your products on how well you will do.

AVON or Mary Kay

Everyone knows an AVON lady or someone that sells Mary Kay, which means that there is a lot of competition in these two companies. If you do choose to sell one of them, you will probably have to work hard to win people over.

Make sure you are setting up booths at any type of local show that allows direct sales, and get in on them early, since they’ll usually only allow one of each type of seller.

The Pampered Chef

If you enjoy food and you enjoy cooking, The Pampered Chef may be the perfect direct sales gig for you. You can host wonderful parties and make delicious foods for people that will easily convince them to purchase from you, and keep coming back for more.

The Pampered Chef isn’t the only food related direct sales company, but it is probably the most well known.

Pure Romance

If you are a little more open to certain areas of life, like those things that happen in the bedroom behind closed doors, you may enjoy selling Pure Romance. The parties can be fun, and wild. It’s a great company for women, and you’ll mainly be selling directly to other women.

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