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Growing and Expanding Your Business Abroad

Once a company grows to a certain level, there’s only one way to extend further and that’s by expanding internationally. Growing and expanding your business abroad can be quite daunting when you don’t know how. By following these top tips you’ll be well on your way to global expansion, here’s how:


  • Find a Local Market where your ProductWill Sell

The key to global expansion being successful is targeting the right market. Do your research to find out where similar businesses to yours thrive and locate a market where your product offering will be a success.  To do this correctly, carrying out a gap analysis of the local market is recommended so that you can identify an area where there is a gap in the market that you can fill then look at pricing to give you a good idea of the pricing goal posts.

  • Be Strategic

There’s no point in hoping to expand globally without having a proper business plan in place. Identify goals and set targets for dates when different stage of the plan need to be completed by in order to stay on track. Plan for possible trips overseas and budget for expansion when it comes to members of staff and premises.

  • Invest in a Trusted Courier

One of the best ways to help your business to expand internationally is by investing in the services of an experienced courier company to manage all your deliveries. By using the parcel delivery services of Parcel2Go you’ll be able to source a courier company who has experience of handling international deliveries at a great price. This way you can be sure that all your important deliveries arrive overseas on time and in great condition.

  • Get the Right Support

There are plenty of different sources of help and support for businesses who are thinking of expanding overseas. Contact the UKTI, UKEF and Chamber of Commerce who can help with any questions and problems you might be having when trying to organise your overseas trade. If you need help understanding a foreign currency, speak to a provider who can outline all the potential risks and don’t forget to speak to your peers or similar companies who can give their advice too.

Growing and expanding your business abroad is much easier than you think if you follow this advice. By having a clear plan and strategy you’ll be able to grow globally in no time, expanding to a number of different overseas markets.

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