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7 Tips for Creating a Zen-Centered Home for After Work Peace

Whether you’re a busy working mom or a career-centric women who deserves restful evenings, there’s nothing more frustrating than coming home to an unorganized or poorly designed home. It’s almost impossible to relax after a long day of work when your home doesn’t offer that Zen feeling it should. For a more peaceful home life, here are some simple suggestions.


  1. Combine the Exterior with the Interior

You can create a seamless layout within your own home by bringing outside elements inside and vice versa. Transport natural flora and fauna to your living areas to oxidize your home and create a sense of nature inside. If you have a backyard, build an outdoor sitting area where you can unwind after a long day.

  1. Update the Color Palette

Choose colors that create a more peaceful atmosphere. Typically, earth colors will do the trick. These include soft tones of blue, gray, white, green, beige, and even orange or pink. When the colors are soft and complimentary, it can create a passive atmosphere that’s easy to relax in.

  1. Create a Soft Place to Land

Pillows, comfortable furniture, and great bedding are also Zen necessities. A comfortable mattress and bedding is particularly important because you need your sleep in order to feel energized and productive throughout the day.

  1. Choose Natural Lighting and Lighter Fabrics

Just as earthy colors are useful for creating a peaceful atmosphere, natural lighting and lighter colored fabrics in the home will supplement the look. Make this a dominant theme in the home in order to invite relaxation after a long day.

  1. Change the Space Planning

The setting of your furniture can either send a message of chaos or organization. Carefully planning your furniture’s spacing is the solution for better flow in the home. Everything from the distance between furniture items to the arrangement of your pieces can create organized leisure or dysfunctional chaos.

  1. De Clutter and Organize

One aspect of most American homes that makes it very difficult to get comfortable after work is the closets and drawers full of junk or useless items. Take a Saturday afternoon and clean some of that clutter from your life. As you organize, you’ll find the freedom that comes from taking charge in your personal place.

  1. Designate Your Work Space

Most people end up bringing their work home nowadays, but if you’re sprawling all over the dining room table with your laptop and work files, you’ll have a very difficult time differentiating your home and work life. Set aside some space, away from the living areas, where you can work in peace. It’s amazing how much more restful you’ll feel at home when you can leave work behind.

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