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High Risk, High Reward?

Like with most other things in the world, the majority of people who participate in something like gambling aren’t given the full low-down with regards to what it actually takes to make a success out of it. Of course I use the word “success” rather loosely here because not everybody views success in exactly the same way, particularly not gambling success. The chance-taker who is trying their luck with a few last cents left in his pocket would view winning a couple of hundred pounds on the slots machines as a bit of success, while the high-roller who has a special table opened just for him would probably tip the croupier as much as the chance-taker has as his overall budget.


One of the mantras spewed by the so-called gurus of industries such as gambling and even playing the stock markets (especially CFD trading) is indeed that the higher the risk you take, the higher the reward you get. I mean it isn’t even suggested to us in a subtle manner. Whenever you’re playing online slots machines for example, particularly those which have tiered jackpots, the biggest of the progressive jackpots you can ever win is that which has you betting with the most credits, like putting down the “max bet” for instance. It’s right there in your face, spurring you on to place the maximum bet, otherwise you win a considerably less jackpot.

Heaven help us all if somebody actually wins. A serious spectacle is made out of their win, especially if it’s physical casino. You’ll hear the slots machines ringing loudly, a champagne bottle popped and cameras clicking away in an environment which otherwise doesn’t allow pictures to be taken. This perpetuates the mantra of higher risk, higher reward, but if you were to pick the brain of a gambler who’s a bit more calculated in their approach and goes about their gambling business professionally, incremental gains are the order of the day.

Yes, a pro gambler will occasionally take a big chance with a big bet, but whenever they do take this big chance, they do so with the knowledge that the odds are most in their favour at that particular point in time, which is why they prefer to spend most of their time playing games such as the roulette or blackjack. It doesn’t end there however. Pro gamblers also have a preference for those online platforms which allow betting with PayPal, for a couple of reasons really, one being that these types of sites are inherently proven to be legitimate (it takes a long and rigorous process for PayPal to approve providing their online payments processing services to a betting site).

This would mean that you’re not being cheated if you play something like the roulette, which could otherwise be really easy in that the virtual roulette wheel could be programmed to easily suck your credit dry while giving the illusion that you’re really close to winning.

So high risk, high reward? Not necessarily. It’s more like low risk, high reward, but high reward incrementally built up over time.

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