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How to Be Taken Seriously As A Woman In Business

Today and the world beyond is a new world that has never been seen before. Even though history repeats itself and if you’re not careful enough to pay attention to it, you’ll make the same mistakes our forefathers made and their fathers made even before that, you still have the ability to craft and create the world that you want to see for yourself if you’re just diligent enough to pay attention and take a stand for what you believe is right.


As a woman, you’ve been faced with a lot more discrimination and hardship than any man merely because of your sex. If you’re of a minority group or a identify with a specific orientation, things become even tougher for you.

Are blind people racist, sexist, or bound by the contracts of these ideas when they don’t have eyes to see the physical differences that categorize people into these brackets? This question has yet to be answered in full, but in the end, color, race, creed, sex, or orientation, among other classifications of human being are not the things that make us worthy or unworthy of respect and opportunity. If you are a woman in business, here is how you can start being taken seriously:

Make Your Own Way

If people don’t give you an inch, you sometimes have to take that inch for yourself. Wars have been fought for years where people fight over land, or ideas and principles. There are many casualties, but sometimes, a great cause requires a great fight. If you want to be taken seriously as a woman in business, you might have to fight for your own way.

If you can’t acquire funding for your endeavors in a run-of-the-mill way, seek out alternate ways to obtain money, like through a home equity line of credit, or through a wide variety of different loans from entities that support your cause.

Don’t Accept No For An Answer

If you can’t get what you want through sheer force, persistence might be the avenue by which you find success. A steady drop of water over time over a consistent spot does more to deteriorate away land masses than a single storm. Be the water for your own life that carved out the Grand Canyon. When people oppose you, don’t accept no for an answer. If sheer force isn’t the way to go about things, be persistent, keep your head up, and plow. As long as you keep going, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Trade Respect For Respect

Feminism works in the way that you believe that you have equal rights to any man. You don’t believe that you’re entitled and that you can belittle any man who opposes you. You will find your strongest fight is the fight you fight with respect. Even when you don’t’ receive it in return, if you give it out, it will be returned to you, so remember that in all things you do.

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