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Networking For Women In Business

Networking is especially helpful for female entrepreneurs in the business community.  When women band together, there is strength and power.  The heart of the art of effective networking is rooted in the relationships we build.  

Networking is about showing other successful business men and women how combining your efforts could benefit you both.  There is power in numbers, and it is always good to have friends in the dog-eat-dog world of business.  

Here, we summarize a few of the most effective ways to integrate great networking skills into your everyday business routine.  

Avoid hesitation and get started now

There is no better time to begin your networking journey than right now.  Shoot out some professionally written email advances, build social media connections, or take a colleague out to lunch.  Whatever you do, be social.  You never know who you could meet, or where your connections could take you.  

Integrate networking into your work/life balance

Women are terrible about perceiving a healthy work/life balance as a clear cut situation with clear cut boundaries.  This is nowhere near the actual truth of life.  The key to a work/life balance is to learn to integrate.  

When you are at work, seize any available opportunity to meet someone new in the company.  Men seem to have no issue with this practice, so women, get on board!  Do not make the mistake of sectioning off time for “networking.”  Networking will come naturally if you are focused and active as a professional.  

Do some homework and learn the need

Before attempting to build a lasting link with another professional or organization, it may be helpful to put a little time into researching the need.  Research the company or person, and see just how you can help them move forward. 

Confidence is much more complimentary on a knowledgeable face.  Engage with a solid base knowledge of what you hope to accomplish through the proposed union.  

Hold pivotal volunteering positions

Volunteering for a person or organization not only builds knowledge and experience, but it builds professional relationships.  Business owners never forget a face that works for free, and knowledge is power.  

There is nothing to be lost in a little volunteering work, and everything to be gained.  Seize every opportunity possible to learn and meet new people in the community.  Even customers of the profession can be very valuable connections.  

Tips for conversation

When it comes to engaging in conversation, do not be afraid to embrace your personal and professional wins.  It is okay to be proud of what you have accomplished.  Find ways to naturally incorporate your strong business moves and successful ventures into conversations without making it sound like you are pitching a sale.  

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