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Explore Some Of The Best Paying Careers For Women In 2018

If you’re a female, you know the struggles faced by professional women today.  The pay gap is still an issue. Men clearly still make higher wages than women in most professions, but there are a few industries which are slowly augmenting those archaic practices.  

The pay gap may be an unjust system, but there are still plenty of opportunities for women to make high wages.  Here is a quick look into some of the best paying career opportunities for women in 2018. While reading, consider where your skill set could take you this year. 

Practice law for a lucrative career

You’ll need a strong will and plenty of college to pass the Bar, but female lawyers make an average of around $88,000 per year.  You can pay off some student loans with such a comfortable annual income.

Legal professionals also have a wide range of specialties from which to choose, giving the career a unique flexibility.  You could become a personal injury lawyer, a family lawyer, a business legal consultant and much more with the right to practice law in the States.  

Nurse Practitioners are well paid

Female Nurse Practitioners in the U.S. make more (on average) than those who choose to take the path of a legal professional.  On average, NPs make over $90,000 a year, and the benefits are unmatched.

As an NP (Nurse Practitioner), you will coordinate patient care.  You also have the ability to choose whether you want to practice independently or in collaboration with a physician.  This title requires at least a master’s degree and the ability to pass state licensure testing.

Software Developers make bank

If you’re a tech-savvy lady, then software development may be the right career path for you.  Software developers create and help to perfect a variation of computer or mobile programs aimed towards simplifying regular processes for professionals.  

A software developer creates new programs, and they do a great job at analyzing the current needs of your operation.  Female developers earn an average annual income of around $80,000.

Engineers design an array of things

An engineer does the job of designing, modifying, and repairing structures.  Chemical, electrical, computer, and mechanical structures need professionals who know how to keep things in good running order.  The average yearly income of female engineers is around $72,000, depending on your skill set and experience.

Social Media manager may be right for you

If you’re a young professional who specializes in all things pertaining to the culture of the internet, then you may be a good fit as a social media manager.  Businesses regularly need professionals to maintain their social media profiles, and the position doesn’t pay too bad either.  

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