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How to Pass A Drug Test For THC- Clear Drug Tests Fast

Companies and certain individuals will call for drug tests for a variety of reasons. More common is the drug test for marijuana. This can be a way for companies to regulate their workforce, but increasingly, countries all over the world are beginning to legalize the substance. Now, consumers can legally, for recreational purposes, use various forms of the herb and buy shatter online canada and in many states of the US. Sadly, even with the liberalization of its consumption, some employers require that their employees give an occasional drug test. When testing for marijuana, drug-testing companies test for its compound THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a chemical compound in marijuana that is responsible for psychological effects. If you are a onetime user, it is easier to test clean as compared to a regular smoker. However, it is not the end of everything. If you’re trying to learn how to pass a drug test for weed then it is possible. With a few alterations and the right procedures, you can pass a drug test and secure your job position. There are different ways of testing for THC, including urine, hair, and blood tests.

The most popular being the urine test. This is because urine tests will detect marijuana use of over a week as compared to blood samples, which will only test for a period of 12-24 hours of use. If you are going to take a urine drug test for HTC, you need to cleanse your body off the substance. However, it is dependent on how long you have been smoking the drug. Cleansing a first time user will only take a few days (about 4 days) of non-smoking to test negative. It takes a longer time to cleanse a regular smoker taking even months.

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Running a urine test will be testing for THC-COOH. The following are some ways that will help you test negative for HTC-COOH. The added advantage of a urine test is that it allows for a number of ways to pass it. You can read more information on this from on the web.

Stop Smoking

Companies that have a routine drug test means that the employees know exactly when the tests will run. This means they have sufficient time to cleanse themselves. For starters, they can stop smoking the drug early enough. This also includes not eating edibles or consuming marijuana by using glass bongs, for example. Two months or so will be sufficient for you to prepare for the drug test. However, it is important to note that you need to incorporate other methods of cleansing for you to get rid of THC already existing in the body. On average, a positive test will read 50ng/ml. by stopping to smoke; you are ensuring that you do not increase this level.

Dilute your Urine

After stopping consumption, you should consider diluting your urine. To do this, you are required to drink a lot of water. In the initial stages, you can take too much water but as you approach the test day, you need to regulate your intake. This method works in two ways. First, drinking a lot of water provides more fluid in your body which dilutes the concentration of HTC. Secondly, drinking a lot of water means that you will pass more urine. In this, you will be getting rid of the substance from the body. The reason you must regulate your water intake as you near the test day is that you are avoiding over dilute urine. This will raise suspicion and you are likely to have the test redone. Also, as you approach the final day, urinate as much as you can so that the pee sample you are giving is less concentrated.

Detox Drinks for THC

Detox drinks meet the objective of helping you to pass a urine drug test by either expelling or masking the presence of HTC-COOH in the body. While you can prepare a drink at home, there are brands that sell detox drinks for HTC in the market. The different brands offer a guideline on how to take the drink. These drinks will also help you to pass urine frequently helping to get rid of concentrated urine so that the urine sample you give does not show marijuana THC. It is recommended that you drink these detox drinks a few hours before the actual test.

N/B: It is important that you stop smoking prior to taking this remedy. The drink does not perform miracles. In addition, it is advisable that you exercise regularly so that you perspire a lot. These work together to bring out the best results. Otherwise, relying on just the drink will require much more for you to pass the test.

Detox Pills

Using detox pills for drug tests is more reliable when seeking to detoxify the system because they combine ingredients in detox drinks with dietary fiber. Dietary fiber plays the role of increasing bowel movement, which in turn eradicates fat from the body. Fat tends to easily absorb THC metabolites. Fiber will eliminate this through stool thus leaving little amounts to pass through your urine. The remaining quantities in the urine will then be flashed out with the detox solutions. This is the reason detox pills come high commended. The market offers a number of alternatives. Each brand will show you how to use the pills. They have varying plans in the number of days you will take them for effectiveness. 7-day plans come highly recommended.

Using Synthetic Urine

Using synthetic urine means that you will not be giving your own urine sample for the test. You will be giving a chemical compound that resembles, smells, and feels like actual urine. Other than smell and touch resemblance, it also comprises organic and inorganic compounds found in urine such as ammonia. You can purchase synthetic urine easily. This method is ideal if you have unsupervised sample collection. Otherwise, it will be difficult to switch the natural sample for the synthetic one. After purchasing the kit, the next step is to ensure that before giving the sample, it is the right temperature. Synthetic urine must come in a kit giving you an inbuilt thermometer, warming pad or a heat activator, and the liquid. Ensure the temperature is between 94 and 96 degrees’ F.


Whatever the reason is for taking a drug test, you will be able to test negative for HTC. The above guide outlines how to pass a urine drug test for THC. First things first, you need to stop smoking the drug weeks prior to the testing date. You can dilute the marijuana content, use detox drinks and pills. Alternatively, for people who cannot think of ceasing their smoking habits, you can settle for using synthetic urine. The solutions come with specific guidelines for them to deliver. It is imperative that you follow all these instructions to the letter to pass your urine drug test for THC.

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