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An Expert Guide To Choosing The Perfect Printer

If you run a business, then chances are you have an office filled with computers and other typical office equipment like photocopiers and water coolers! Once thing that many employees will do in the office on a daily basis is print stuff out. Those employees may print out all sorts of things, such as documents and letters, spreadsheets and charts, ... Read More »

Tips to Keep the Office and Your Staff Cool in the Summer

Although English summers can be quite a let down when it comes to sunshine; hot, muggy days are still very common in an office environment and can hinder productivity in the workplace. It’s so important that the office is kept cool to keep your staff productive, as 1 in 4 employees admit they become less productive as the temperature on ... Read More »

TSB is back

Many of us will only know TSB as part of Lloyds TSB – the two banks have been together for some time now. However, since the split, we have seen Lloyds Banks on the high street, and now we can see the return of TSB proper. A lot of the kids won’t really understand the significance of this, but we adults ... Read More »

The Secrets To Running A Successful Business

Many people take the plunge by quitting their day job and starting their own business full of high hopes, and get excited about the prospect of being their own boss and making a load of cash at the same time. Image Credit However, the ugly truth about start-up businesses is that many of them fail within their first 12 months ... Read More »

Could Psychics Help You To Win At Business?

Thanks to Susan for the photo Whether you’ve just engaged in a new startup firm or your brand is internationally recognised by millions, financial progress and expansion should always be at the very top of your to do list. It’s certainly true that performing market research and having a dedicated team of professionals working on your business model is essential, ... Read More »

Startup Business Idea: Start Your Own House Cleaning Business

With youth unemployment at an all time high, and a job market that’s more cutthroat than ever; this could be the perfect time to start your own business. Carving out your own place in the jobs market can be challenging, but also extremely rewarding, and the positive side of starting your business in the middle of an economic downturn is ... Read More »

Design Ideas for Your Business Trade Show Stands

link to credit for photo Regardless of the market area in which your business currently operates, attending industry related trade shows and exhibitions should be at the top of your list of priorities when looking to expand. Likewise, if you run a relatively new company, these events can be the catalyst for the kickstart you need to get the firm ... Read More »

Business Solicitors

There are a number of different reasons why business solicitors could be needed aside from new venture startups. If you’re a business owner, here are a few things you should be aware of in order to know when you could need the services of one of these professionals. Commercial Disputes Commercial disputes can arise over everything ranging from product liability ... Read More »

The name badge and the business

The name badge and the business Whether you are browsing the high-street or popping into your local Starbucks for a coffee, you will be greeted with staff members all sporting name badges. While this may seem like a simple addition to an employee’s uniform, the name badge offers a wealth of benefits for businesses. Here are just a few:   ... Read More »

Why Safety Equipment is Important for Your Business

picture source link Wherever your company is located, and whatever industry you operate within, ensuring your entire workforce is provided with the best safety equipment possible should be a top priority. Your employees are the backbone of your business model, and without them you will fail miserably, so don’t allow them to take risks by cutting corners and not following ... Read More »