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Drug testing of employees – advice for employers

Drug testing, as many workers in the UK will know, is already a fact of life in some companies, and is now commonly practiced by many employers for safety, security and a host of other practical reasons. The British government’s policy on workers’ rights regarding drug testing is that an employer can request a test from all employees if it ... Read More »

Expert advice for your ever-growing website

Many businesses these days exist solely online, which is why every business needs to have a decent website. A website is a company’s shop window – what a visitor sees when they click on the site will determine whether they stay to look around and make a purchase or hit the Back button. There is no beating the internet when ... Read More »

The Secrets of Keeping your Business Startup Costs Down

With so much opportunity out there, you’ve probably thought about starting your very own business to take advantage. Previously a costly thing to do, starting your own business can now be done on a budget, and if you’re struggling for cash, you’ll still be able to find a way to launch your ideas, without launching yourself into heaps of debt. ... Read More »

5 ideas for reducing your business waste.

Running a business is a time consuming and complicated task, with many challenging aspects to balance and organise. Keeping an eye on finances is always a priority, as most companies want to be making some sort of profit! But sometimes, it can be all to easy to focus on making savings by sourcing more effectively and getting a better price ... Read More »

An Expert Guide To Choosing The Perfect Printer

If you run a business, then chances are you have an office filled with computers and other typical office equipment like photocopiers and water coolers! Once thing that many employees will do in the office on a daily basis is print stuff out. Those employees may print out all sorts of things, such as documents and letters, spreadsheets and charts, ... Read More »

Tips to Keep the Office and Your Staff Cool in the Summer

Although English summers can be quite a let down when it comes to sunshine; hot, muggy days are still very common in an office environment and can hinder productivity in the workplace. It’s so important that the office is kept cool to keep your staff productive, as 1 in 4 employees admit they become less productive as the temperature on ... Read More »

TSB is back

Many of us will only know TSB as part of Lloyds TSB – the two banks have been together for some time now. However, since the split, we have seen Lloyds Banks on the high street, and now we can see the return of TSB proper. A lot of the kids won’t really understand the significance of this, but we adults ... Read More »

The Secrets To Running A Successful Business

Many people take the plunge by quitting their day job and starting their own business full of high hopes, and get excited about the prospect of being their own boss and making a load of cash at the same time. Image Credit However, the ugly truth about start-up businesses is that many of them fail within their first 12 months ... Read More »

Could Psychics Help You To Win At Business?

Thanks to Susan for the photo Whether you’ve just engaged in a new startup firm or your brand is internationally recognised by millions, financial progress and expansion should always be at the very top of your to do list. It’s certainly true that performing market research and having a dedicated team of professionals working on your business model is essential, ... Read More »