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6 Smart Questions You Should Always Ask When Viewing a House for Sale

6 Smart Questions You Should Always Ask When Viewing a House for SaleViewing property for sale in Devon can easily and perfectly be compared to a game of poker of the mind between you and the seller or agent.  The seller or agent has high stakes and huge rewards at risk and it is therefore in their best interest to keep things from you, bluffing, during the negotiation and viewing process.  The interesting thing is that even though they don’t want to, they have to tell you the truth if you ask them – it’s the law.  With this in mind, please read the post below for 6 questions you should always ask about a property you are viewing.

Why Is It On The Market?

Technically speaking they don’t have to tell you the answer to this question.  However, if you do ask it, they may offer a little insight into the seller’s situation.  They could be moving to a different part of the country because they are starting a new job, which would suggest that they are desperate to sell and willing to barter the price down a little.

What Would You (The Agent) Want To Know If You Were Buying?

There is always the worry when looking and buying property that you are missing something very bad about it that everyone, apart from you, seems to know about.  Ask the agent if they were in your shoes what they would do – would they buy it or not?  If when they answer, you feel as if you are still being fobbed off, you could ask the local shop owners or neighbours what they think.

What Does The Sale Price Include?

It is important that you know exactly what you are getting when you buy a property.  Certain things like greenhouses or sheds are often taken with the owner when they move.  There have even been instances when the owner has taken the fixtures and fittings on to their new home.  By asking exactly what you get for the asking price, you can then work out the things that you would have to buy on top of that price and whether it is worth it or not.

How Long Has It Been on The Market?

By asking how long it has been on the market, you can better understand how desperate or not the seller is at that point in time to close a sae on the property.  For instance, if the property has been on sale for more than 3 months you could investigate further by asking why the agent thinks it hasn’t sold yet.  Not only could it indicate that there are problems with the house that other interested parties have wised up to, but also that it is just overpriced.

How Long Have The Sellers Owned And Lived There?

This is an important question to ask because if they have only lived for a short time there you need to know why.  On one hand, it could be a problem with the neighbours, if they are too loud or have caused problems.  On the other hand though it could be they needed to move for a different reason entirely.

Has It Changed Hands Frequently?

When a house has a string of different owners in quick succession, this could be a sign of something very negative.  If this situation arises, it may be worth trying to contact previous owners and finding out why they sold the house after only a short period of time.

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