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10 Budget-Smart Home Improvements You Can Do With a Loan

Money is tight, so it’s best to make a home loan – such as those available from Clydesdale Bank -count. There are some solid, well-budgeted home improvements you can accomplish with a loan that will add quality to your life and value to your home. Furthermore, advice is freely available online to help you think through your project.

Add curb appeal.

Plant some shrubs, flowers, or perhaps create a new garden space to add instant appeal and value.
Make your home more energy efficient.

New technologies focusing on renewable energy, such as solar energy, will save on electric bills, but more than that, it could also pay homeowners back with cash every year under the government’s feed-in-tariff.

> Repaint rooms and exterior.

This is the most affordable way to improve a home. A new colour will not only create a new sense of pride, but does add instant monetary value to the residence. You could even add a feature wall in the bedroom with the help of something like this peel and stick wallpaper for an extra pop.

> Replace carpets.

Carpets need to be replaced every 10 years anyway and putting down fresh carpets, with top line carpet pads, will freshen up and revive the space. Another option is installing hardwood flooring. Many prefer wood to carpet because it is timeless and easier to keep clean.

> Add a bedroom.

Adding any space to a home will increase its value anywhere from 5 to 15 percent and an extra bedroom will make the home more desirable if you ever decide to sell it

> Redo the loft.

This is space that already exists but can be made into more functional space. The loft can be turned into a bedroom, an additional sitting area or a guest suite and there appears to be no downside to reworking a loft space. It was cited recently by Phil Spencer as ne of his twenty recommended ways to boost your property’s value.

> Renovate the main bathroom.

This is one of the spaces where you can see a significant monetary return. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Just buy modern basins and accessories. Counters are not that expensive to replace and cabinets can be refurbished rather than replaced.

> Renovate the kitchen.

This is another important area that adds immediate value. The renovation doesn’t have to be costly, but does need to include modern appliances, sink and fittings. Other items, like cabinets and drawers can be re-stained or even painted.

> Add a conservatory or sunroom.

These spaces add light and air to any home and create a positive feeling and this could be one way to distinguish your home from others on the market. There are some great ideas in this article – just what you need when trying to make up your mind on what to choose.

> Add a story or extension to your home.

This may seem like a huge investment but it’s generally understood that adding additional bedrooms and bathrooms will only increase the value of your home.

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