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2 Ways to Combat Sexism in Your Work Environment

Women know all too well the realities that the work environment puts onto their particular sex. It doesn’t matter how smart, talented or capable you are, if you’re a women in the workplace, you’re automatically pigeonholed into a certain kind of work or you’re only allowed to rise to certain levels of authority and power.


Though everybody should be held responsible for this, it’s become primarily up to women to stand up and speak out for themselves to see that they’re given proper opportunity and respect. It’s not always easy. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. While mindsets of the past say that women belong at home or in lesser jobs, the reality the matter is that times have changed, jobs are available, and women have waited long enough to have equality in all things, but especially in career and business worlds.

If you’re a woman facing sexism in your work environment, here are 2 ways you can combat it today:

Be Educated About Feminism

There are feminists and there are people who think they’re feminists but actually have no idea what the word means. These kinds of feminists give a bad name to feminists around the world. To be a feminist means that you advocate for the rights of women to be equal to men; it doesn’t mean that you slander other women, that you hate men and tear them down every opportunity you get.

A true feminist will realize that the only way their values and beliefs will be heard is when they treat others with the same respect they’re trying so hard to have given to themselves. When you know what you’re talking about, when feminism and sexism are discussed or shown in the office, you can know what to do or say in the situation.

Know Your Value

Women around the world contribute to sexism by becoming the action or being the case and point. There are ideas about society and about the way things run or the way people are because it’s been seen enough times to be true. Cliches are cliches because they’re true. The way you as a woman can combat sexism in your work environment is by knowing your value and where it lies. Don’t prove to men that you’re only good for sex and sandwiches.

Don’t find your value in looking perfect all the time or knowing that you’re physically beautiful. Your value is in attributes that make a difference in the world. Your brain, your capabilities, the way you treat others; by knowing what makes you you, you can combat sexism because you won’t put up with attitudes and actions that give sexism power.

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