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3 Restaurants That Mastered Kids Marketing

When it comes to running a successful restaurant business, appealing to kids plays a huge role in your success.  It’s no wonder that some of the most profitable restaurant businesses in the world are ones that have mastered the art of marketing towards their younger customers.


When children are drawn towards a restaurant, it in turn pulls the adults there as their guardians.  For every one child you bring in, you are also bringing in 1-2 adults.  Conversely, the adults influence their children as to where they are going to eat when they are adults themselves.

When it comes to creative marketing for kids, you have to appeal to them as a fun and friendly atmosphere.  Families are a huge money maker for a restaurant and your business will be increased by as much as 60% by having a menu with kid-friendly options and features like crayons and balloons.

Here are some of the best restaurants at children’s marketing and they have built a successful business model based on just that.


There’s nothing like a trip to the golden arches to get a kid excited.  From Ronald McDonald, to the infamous happy meals which come with kid-friendly finger food and a beloved toy, it’s the kids destination for a fun meal.

McDonald’s is the leader of the pack when it comes to where parents turn to take their kids for a meal.  Since it’s a kid-focused atmosphere complete with a play area, parents feel relaxed and at ease letting their kids be kids.  Opening up a McDonald’s in an area near a school or park is a gold mine.

Burger King

Burger King’s marketing is strongly influenced by McDonald’s.  With their own version of a Happy Meal known as a King Jr. meal, they also offer a toy in a small cardboard box.

Burger King is a fierce competitor to McDonalds and consistently tries to keep it’s menu diverse to appeal to the younger market as well as the parents.

Red Robin

Unlike McDonalds and Burger King, Red Robin developed a place where children and adults could dine sitting down in a fun and child friendly environment.  Red Robin offers fun cocktails for the adults while also offering fun drinks and menu items for the kids.  Each child receives a balloon when they leave the restaurant and are given crayons and a coloring books.

Additionally, they offer children’s birthday parties and a very appealing dessert menu which is always a kids favorite.

The brilliance about Red Robin is that they managed to create a place that is not only a super fun place for kids, but a fantastic place for adults to eat as well.

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